Tuesday session

What: 6 miles a.m.
1 hour swim drills p.m.
Why: I have given up thinking about why, I just do!
last hard day: Saturday
last rest day: yesterday


  • Bit late today as had to shift my sessions for this week around.

    What: 30 minutes steady already done at 7:00 this morning.
    Why: Marathon taper and need to go to Sweden tonight so no chance to run this evening.
    Last hard day: Last Tuesday
    Last rest: Yesterday

    Also didn't do proposed intervals from yesterday as couldn't find orbital sander!
  • What: Rest day
    Why: I need one
    Last hard run: Yesterday
    Last rest day: Today

    Managed to get out and do my long run yesterday - Horray, so nothing for me today.

  • Club night tonight 6/7 mile run, no doubt there will be hills involved somewhere, but I will enjoy them and think how good they are for me, as I'm sucking in air from every orifice when I get to the top.
  • What: Hoping to manage 4-5 miles this afternoon.
    Why: Timetable for today makes it look more manageable than I thought. Didn't run yesterday after all, but did go out for a walk in the evening.
    Last rest day: Yesterday.
    Last hard day: Sunday.
  • Morning all – October already

    What : short easy 4-5miler with sprints
    Why: taking easy leading up to GNR and sticking to 1 session a week for most of week which I’m finding hard – I keep getting the urge to go for a swim or to the gym during the day – I must resist ;o)

    Last Rest Day: Sunday

  • Another fine morning, how long will it last?

    What: easy 5 miler
    Why: had a good time trial yesterday so reward myself with a scenic jog.
    Last hard day: yesterday
    Last rest day: Sunday
  • What: 8.5 mile fartlek with club tonight, no doubt we'll switch to the road route as it's getting too dark for the trail run.
    Why: It's Tuesday
    Last hard run: Sunday
    Last rest day: Monday
  • Morning

    What - 4.7m steady run early this morning.
    Why - couldn't go any faster as it was dark and very misty and i couldn't see where i was going. (good excuse anyway).

    Need the clocks to go forward an hour, then i might be able to see the road again !
  • i think i mean back.
  • What: nothing
    Why: Cos I've gone down with a stinking cold and I'm off sick
    Last Hard: Sunday , Windsor 1/2
    Last Rest: Yesterday

    G(Not Quite So)FB
  • what:rest
    why: evening committments and knee issue
    last rest: Friday
    last hard day: sunday

    decided that legs needed turning over after windsor last night so resolved to jog (7 mins) to gym and cycle easy for 30mins. B*****r, half way there right knee acquires deep dull ache I've never before experienced. How come I can run 13.1 miles and just feel stiff and yet jogging along I can damage my knee!!!!!
  • Morning all, happy tapering Martin. Vrap/Wild Will, are you doing much before Sunday?

    What: rest.
    Why: easy week, and went to a club last night and nearly died doing 6*1/2 m intervals with 3 mins recoveries. Each leg took 3-3.20 (there was a hill coming back every other leg) and I couldn't have gone any quicker to save my life. By the end of the session had half been talked into doing their xcountry season. Still thinking about that. More racing would probably go down like a lead balloon at home!
    Much respect to those of you who do this sort of thing all the time (Mike, Drew et al).

    Plan to join and go weekly this autumn to discipline myself to do regular speedwork, and as several of you have pointed out, the evenings are getting too dark to run on my own.

    Last hard: Mon
    Last rest: Fri

  • Hi all. When do the clocks go back?

    What: club run, prob 4/5 miles at fast (for me) pace.
    Why: decided to have 1 night a week off from PhD work & go to the club for 'stress-relief' (ha, ha)
    Last rest day: sunday
    Last hard day: well, yesterday's swim was quite hard.
  • what: gym session which hopefully will include SOME treadmill work but not being too ambitious of how much. Also doggie walk and shopping.
    why: haven't done any formal training for two weeks and felt I should make the effort even though I'm tired.

    last hard day: they're all hard days at the moment!
    last rest day: they're all rest days too at the moment! :)
  • Laura - well done. You'll get to enjoy your speed sessions - especially afterwards!

    What: probably 10.3K steady
    Why: Feel reasonably OK after 5K race Sunday & now looking toward Chester Zoo - domestic arrangements permitting.

    last hard day: Sun
    last rest day: Sat
  • Well done, Laura - both on going to the club and on surviving what sounds like a set of killer speed sessions.

    I'm doing very little before GNR. This is partly enforced by work commitments. I plan max. 5 miles steady today, nothing tomorrow, another 5 miles and maybe some weights on Thursday, a walk or swim on Friday and nothing thereafter. Really looking forward to the race, and to meeting lots of Forumites.

    Clocks go back last weekend in October. I only know because Granny got twitched about me taking Kevin up Ben Nevis that weekend for that reason, despite the fact that the climb is on the Saturday, we'll be setting out at sunrise, we're pretty fleet of foot on a hillside and we'll be on the touristy path with a guide and a group unless we get fed up and run off without them. I think she's just scared I'll want her to ask the relatives for a donation. Which I won't - I shall be in Kilmarnock afterwards and shall rattle the can myself.
  • What : 4 mile run
    Why : Only chance to run until Thursday, wanted to ease out from Sunday and also remember how wonderful running is.

    Really beautiful morning, when I got to my halfway scenic spot the landscape looked just like an Oriental watercolour - trees swathed in mist rising to the hills in the distance - thanked God I was alive - and dead fit!!
    Can you still be on a high two days after a race ?

    Last hard day : Sunday
    Last rest day : Yesterday
  • Laura

    This week in the lead up to the GNR will be an easy one:

    MON - Bike 75min
    TUE - Run 4-5mile steady
    WED - Swim Drill
    THU - Run 3-4mile easy
    FRI - Swim easy
    SAT - Rest

  • WW, that's about the equivalent of one of my HARD weeks! Oh, dear, I do have a long way to go...
  • Morning all,

    Ran a 2.36 ish at windsor (20 mins outside target) - had wierd right calf muscle spasm and twanging left hamstring after half way so took the "i'm just going to finish approach" - limped round - attempted a moment of glory but got pulled up from the mad 200m dash about 30m from the finish with big limpy stumble to the line.

    damn that was hilly.

    Loved it, but couldn't move legs yesterday -considering recovery run tonight or cross training.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    Laura, the intervals get easier, honest. One day you will enjoy them as much as I do (but I always have had masochistic tendencies!) I'd much rather do a set of 10 x 800's than a long run.

    Today: am - 1 hour bike ride because I wanted to and it is such a nice day and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy cycling. pm - 8 mls steady
    Why: taking things easy until Thursday as I still feel a bit tired from Sunday. Normally I would do a track session today.
    Last rest day: Saturday
    Last hard day: Sunday
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Morning all.

    Well done Laura, sounds like you enjoyed your speed session!!!

    Good luck all you tapering for GN.

    What:club session tonight-first time trial of the season. Great fun!!
    Why: it's what we do!
    Last hard: Thursday last week.
    Last rest: Haven't run for 2 days because of heavy head cold, feeling better today though. So will run tonight and go back to work tomorrow.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Hi all.

    Not doing anything at all today, but just thought I'd report that the legs seem much better today, and I can get up out of my seat without using my arms as levers. However, the blister which wasn't sore yesterday started to nip quite badly last night, and even after the application of a compeed, is very painful to walk on today. It feels like it has filled up again (drained the blood tinged fluid from it on Sunday post race - pre bath) under the plaster. May have to soak the plaster off tonight for an inspection.

    Sorry if anyone was just about to start lunch.........
  • Hilly - the "looking radiant and wealthy" pose in the breeze was definitely a better look!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Afternoon boys and girls.

    What : feeling 1000% better than I did on Sunday (also the quacks gave Jnr D and me a 'nothing sinister' diagnosis yesterday) , so I'll do an easy 30 mins tonight
    Why : gentle jog back into it after the w/end
    Last rest : yesterday
    Last hard : Sunday
    Next Race : Sunday 6th (Alton 10k)
  • what - 5m inc fartlek
    why - starting to build into the Competitive Runner handbook perfect 30 mile week and using their 10 week speed session schedule. This will set me up for the Mortimer Forest 10M 15th Dec. And I can then try to maintain fitness for Helsby in Jan.
    last rest - Mon
    last hard - Sat
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Martin I guess my new picture didn't come out so good. Close up it shows the pain of racing! I'll either have to put the other back on, which I'm a bit fed up with, or look for another.
  • HillyHilly ✭✭✭
    Aother picture replacing GSR coming up, but only temp until I find something suitable to replace my face! I think I'll look for something a bit different this time.
  • Afternoon all

    What:4x4mins @ 5k pace with 2mins rec
    Why:Tuesday is speedwork day
    Last hard day: Fri
    Last rest day: Sun
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