Any Triathlons in early December

Anyone know of any sprint/Olym distance tri's in early december? Training limited due to shift work and normal running is quiet.


  • Mainly duo's and the such at that time of year
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    Cossack, there may be some dry triathlons going on if you fancy them (row/x-bike/treadmill) but doubt you'll get a swim-format. bit too frosty for that!
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  • but funnily enough there are 1 or 2 aquathlons about
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    not so much wind chill I guess.....unless you are haille gebresellassie (can never spell that smeggers name!)
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  • LOL
  • Thanks for the pointers, never wanted to try a duathlon as it's like admitting that I am trying carp at swimming. Too stuborn to admit defeat, and too tight to spend money on proper instruction.
  • I'm doing the Worcester Aquathlon - early Dec.
  • Full race listings are on BTA website or the Triathletes home page
  • What's the Worcester Aquathlon ? - sounds good and not a million miles away.

  • Its 400-500m swim and then 5km run... dec 7th (I think) in worcester...
    As Nic says we'll be there... come along!!
  • Would love to but have been coerced into a family trip to centerparcs that w/e. Gonna teach my kids how to pee properly in a leisure pool.
  • LOL...

    Nic would be interested to learn how to pee and swim I think too (for her channel crossing attempt)
  • I would indeed! More difficult than it sounds! (Thanks for adding the bit in the brackets MM!)
  • no problem!!! I thought I'd best make it clear.. or the people who swim in the same lane as you might complain...
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