3 or 4 times a week

Just been reading Runners World and it talks about the benefits of running four times a week. I've just started (restarted runningfor the third time in seven years) and wanted to get off on the right foot so to speak. Should I be running four times a week to get into the swing of it?


  • Ruth

    I have run once/twice a week since January when I restarted running again (I do walk a couple of miles a day to/from work). In that time I've gone from being able to run a mile & a bit without stopping to doing (albeit only one) 10 miles & entered 2 10k and one 1/4 marathon.

    For me the secret was to give myself goals about the distance I'd run in a month & then do it when it fitted into work/home etc. In reality this has meant one evening short run and one longer weekend run in a good week. Personally if I set myself a target of running 4 times everyweek I'd have given up as a failure by now.

    This isn't to say RW are wrong (or that you would be wrong if you do the same) but just that I think it's important to choose a routine you can be fairly confident you can stick to. (eg why did you stop previous running routines?)

    Good luck
  • Hi Ruth

    It all depends on what you want to achieve with your running. If you are just starting out then do as Nick explains set yourself small targets.

    The important bit is not to go at it like a mad woman - that way the only thing you can guarantee is an injury. Add to whatever level you are at by no more than 10% per week, you may need to actually drop back some weeks if you feel tired before again adding more.

    I personally ran my first marathon on 3 runs a week albeit very focused runs. See how you feel as you add to your schedule and always listen to what your body is telling you.

    Good luck and enjoy.
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