2013 Marathon

I don't visit the forum as often as I should image

I've dabbled in running, I am a member of a ladies only running club - most I've ever entered in for is a 10k - although completing the Preston Guild series which includes a half marathon next month! 10k tomorrow, 10 miler November, already done the 5k.

I'm a slow plodder runner and eariler in the year put a ballot entry in for the London marathon - no charity, no special cause etc, so assumed 99.9% chance of not getting in.

Well I now have a place!  I'm bricking it.  how do I train? What do I eat? More importantly, I need to book a hotel room now for next year, how do I find a reasonably priced room for me and my doubting husband and daughter.

Plus, I would only do it if I raised some money for charity - how do I decide which of the worthwhile causes that arrived with my pack do i do it for.

I am usually  a normal, professional, rational person but this has thrown me.

I don't want a sub certain time, I just want to finish! image

Any help, advice, pointers etc would be greatly appreciated




  • Have you read the acceptance magazine ?

    They have training plans in there and details of holiday inn deals for runners.

    As to the charities - I think it's best if you find one that means something to you, your family or your friends. It doesn't need to be one in the magazine.
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