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I currently run in Inov8 Flyroc 310 but they're splitting and need replacing. Been looking at the Inov8 Terroc as they're a similar shoe, but not tried a pair on. My runs are mainly off-road on tracks, with some fell and country roads. I've narrow feet and I'm a light, neutral runner. 

Not sure whether to just stick with the Flyrocs or change.. Has anyone tried both?

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  • I've had both. The Terroc is basically a beefed up flyroc, slightly stiffer midsole and although not an out and out fell shoe, more geared up for hills. The uppers are more robust than the flyrocs which admittedly are pretty light weight in that department - I ripped mine to pieces before the soles had shown much sign of wear.

    I also have mudclaws (for fell mainly), x-talons (xc races) and roclite 295s. I don't get on too well with most of the roclite range but the 295s are great - quite similar in feel to the flyrocs but again a little more robust. These have now replaced my flyrocs/terrocs.

    Also consider, Mizuno Wave harriers - cheaper than inov-8s but certainly comparable to the flyroc. I'm on my 3rd pair and the only downside I've found is they absolutely stink after a month or two - nothing to do with my feet, I'm sure!image

  • I have Inov8 'RocLite 315 for lighter duty fell/heavy trail work, & they're great.

    I also have a pair of Mizuno Wave-Harriers, & find them very good - almost the equal of the 315's

    However, 've foiund that the WH don't like greasy/damp tarmac & feel very slippery Doubtless due to the dual density sole, as the harder section (same colour as upper) being too hard & not 'gripping'

  • WiBWiB ✭✭✭

    Unless you are getting into real muddy areas than the f-lites are fantastic shoes. Always my first shoe of choice on any trail race, I have used them on fells with no problems and can handle road just fine. The soft sole means that loads of road miles will wear them a bit faster though so bear that in mind.

  • Thanks for your replies. I like the low profile of the flyroc, the WH looks a bit more built up from pics.. Think I need to get to a real shop and try some on though. Just seen price of the f-lites *faints* image

  • If you like the flyrocs then I think you will be OK with the Harriers - they are certainly comparable and I interchange them with Roclite 295s - possibly slightly better on road sections but that's not really what they are for. As Richard said, grip on greasy stuff is not too great due to the x10 harder compound in places. Similar price to flyrocs and if you shop around you can usualy get them for under £50.


  • image thanks Pete S

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