Windsor Water Fiasco

My preparation in terms of training for Windsor left something to be desired but, nothing could have prepared me for the fiasco regarding water.

I was near the vback of the field, by the time I reached the 9 mile water station they had closed up shop.

This shortage of water is bad enough but coupled with the fact that a water fight between volunteers occured at the six mile water stage earlier in the race?

I was lucky some very kind spectators took pitty on me realising that I had a problem. They gave me some water and calmed down my anger.

Did anyone else have a problem?


  • Windsor was our first long run. Okay there were some problems, water was short and tasted a bit off but then I couldn't drink it on the trot in any case, however me and the missus had a great time. The park was splended and the weather beautiful. We also crossed the line together. This will be the first of many.
  • Personally I didn't have a problem with getting water (I carry my own bottle) but two friends of mine who were also running experienced difficulties later on. I finished in 1:51 and I noticed that the later stations were running low when I passed. My friends came in at 2:20 not at all happy with the fact that they could not get a drink from 9 miles onwards. Considering the nature of the course and the weather this is inexcusable - especially as the PA announcer was stressing the need to take on plenty of water before the start. Surely the organisers knew how many entries they had, and should therefore have made sure water supplies were adequate. It wasn't as if they were splashing out on expensive bottled water, opting instead for dustbins filled with ordinary water, leaves, insects and other miscellaneous debris. Therein lies the reason behind my ALWAYS carrying my own water supply.
    The organisers of this race need to give this matter serious consideration before next year. I saw requiring medical assistance a few people requiring medical attention, I can't help wondering how significant lack of water was in their getting into trouble.
  • I experienced the same problem at 9 miles as there was no water available. In the conditions I was desperate for it at that stage but luckily there was some at the final station. My time was 2.30 but could have been another 5 or 10 minutes quicker if adequate supplies were available. I agree that it was totally inexcusable and as a result I will not be running this event again. I have never had to drink water from a mucky dustbin previously and if Windsor want to be considered a major event they desperately need to solve this problem. They claim they are expecting 9000 next year god help those towards the rear!! Also, what happened to the promised (in the event programme) energy drink at the finish??
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