Confused by results of exercise stress test


I've just received the results of my last medical, which included an exercise stress test designed to tell me my max HR, my anaerobic threshold, and my VO2 max.

The thing that is confusing me is that the commentary says my AT occurs at 93% of my VO2 max. It then goes on to say that with appropriate training I could move this point closer to 100% of VO2 max.

The reason I'm confused is that I thought your AT was meant to be around 70-80% of VO2max, and it doesn't make sense to me to that it is even possible to make your AT arrive at the same point as your VO2 max....

Help please???


  • It probably meant you could move your AT closer to your 'current' VO2 max with which time your VO2 max will have improved yet still.

    To my understanding AT can never equal VO2 max at the 'same time' for an individual. If anyone disagrees, I'd be grateful to be corrected.

  • Thanks Jamie,

    I've done some more Internet research, and I think I've decided that my test results are wrong on either my AT or my VO2 max.

    Apparently, the highest % of VO2max that you would expect to see for your AT is around 90%, and this would be in an elite endurance athlete! Given I'm a million miles away from an elite athlete, I think my test results must be flawed....image
  • Very strange!

  • I am guessing that they charged you a lot of money for this test; ring them up and ask them what the results mean and what to do with them. If they are any good they should explain what they mean otherwise there are other labs that do these tests. Surely the point of these tests is to ensure your training sessions are tailored for you?

  • Sideburn - to be fair, this is just my annual company medical, and part of me thinks the person administering the tests is used to seeing 45 -55 yr old fat unhealthy accountants, so I can't expect too muchimage
  • Fair enough; I wish my company did this! I would still ask what they meant by "Appropriate training", if they tell you to get stuffed you have not lost anything. If they are used to fat unhealthy accountants they may quite like having someone taking an interest in their results. But what happens if the accountants fail? Do they get dragged out the back and dumped in a skip?

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