Heave Castle Triathlon

Heaver Castle is 10 mins drive from where I live and for the passed three years I have gone to support either adults or children (one being mine) who are competing in this event. However this year they have decided to charge an entry fee for supporters. They wanted £16 pounds for me and my family to go and support my friends kids who were doing the event today.

Now I know £16 is not a huge amount but seriously would you pay to see armature triathletes compete in sprint distant tris.  To me this is taking the piss. oh but you do get discounted tickets for the castle grounds. But I don't want to see the castle grounds I have seen them many times before.....

To be fair this entrance fee was not set by the Triathlon organisers but Heaver Castle themselves, I guess they have seen very successful tri events for the last few years and decided to cash in......

many people at the gate were not happy about this but paid up but it was comment that this is not a good example of an inclusive sport triying to encourage youngster and families to get involved in the sport it costs enough as it is.

Rant overimage


  • £16 and that doesn't even entitle you to the castle grounds - you would have to pay more for that if you were bothered? that really is taking the p*ss really, and I would be angry too

  • one bottle of red later and a rather long e-mail has now been sent to the organisers

    I was going to go tomorrow to support some freinds but not now image As There is no way I am paying twice.....

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