Where Do I Start/

i'm sure there is probab;y a thread already out there asking the same question.
I'm really keen to give a trithlon or duathlon a go, anyone recommend a good race to start with, i live in west wiltshire and i'd like to do one localy.
Is there a site that list races, what the minimum distance they cover etc etc?
Any info you could give would be great

Thanks in advance


  • www.tritalk.co.uk will link you to some training programmes

    www.britishtriathlon.org with the site of the british triathlon association with info on races & clubs.. actually speak to them, they might send you a beginners guide.

    www.triathletes-uk.org (or similar) has a good race database also.

    duathlons are all sorts of distances, standard distance being something like 10k-40k-5k .. but there are lots of shorter races.

    aquathlons are swim-run .. also good for a start.

    duathlons & aquathlons tend to be early & late in the season (i.e. now & early next year)

    you should be able to find a 'novice' tri which is often 200m swim... and suitably short bike & run sections.

    'super-sprint' races are 400/500m swim with 25k ish bike & 5k run usually

    sprints are 750m swim... etc (dunno the rest never done it)

    then olympic distance is 1500m...

    and then half ironman and ironman.. but lets not go there just yet eh?

    most of all... unlike some of my running experience.. i always enjoy doing a tri :)
  • Hi Griff, I don't know if the following site would be any good, but it has tri's in the S.West

  • There's also a good book aimed at beginers called "STARTING OUT TRIATHLON : Training for your first competition" ISBN 1-84126-101-7

    Good luck
  • Thanks every one for the info.
  • Try looking at the NWLL series of tris. They were being tried out this year, but have relatively short distances and are very friendly. The big one is Springfield Triathlon which has always been welcoming of beginners... Early May Bank Holiday. Starts at Corsham Swimming pool but you need to get your entry form in early as it fills up quickly.
    http://www.nwll.co.uk/springfield/ or contact Mike Cox at NWLL who is the event organiser and also runs a couple of sessions for first timers.
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