BHF Blenheim Palace Half Marathon

I am potentially making a fool of myself here, but I have entered this and been sent all the info, but it does not say anywhere what time the race actually starts! Does anyone know? I only live five mins away but don't want to be late!

Apologies if this is a stupid question, and good lick to all involved,



  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Hi Matt - if you click on the above link it says 10:30 for the half and 11:15 for the 10k. I'm not 100% sure and had problems last week trying to find that info on the BHF and Blenheim sites, but the RW links seem to give the info we're looking for.

    Good luck with the run. I may spectate it as I did last year, but may go to another local race instead.
  • Great, cheers Pipes!

  • 1030 indeed for the half.

    Good luck all taking part!
  • Enjoyed this. Bit quiet in parts, and not too many marshals around but a clever way to design a two-lap race.

    Hope everyone had fun!
  • Really enjoyed it too! Was hoping for a PB but finished a couple of minutes down. Getting out of the car park took a while..
  • Only my second Half Marathon and really enjoyed it.  The route was interesting and the visitors strolling around the grounds were very encouraging!

  • Is there a new thread for this years event?

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