Saturday 4th Oct


What: 5 miles easy
Why:Lossen up for the big run tomorrow

Last hard: Thursday
Last rest: Friday

Come on you lot - wakey, wakey!!!


  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hi Sarcy

    what run is that scuse me if you mentioned it before
    I'll be down at southend (10k)

    So wll prob try a little easy one today
  • Morning all.

    What: Body pump
    Why: New at local gym it's a 1hr 45 min session, but is including the induction and a session, should be good fun.
    Last Hard: Yesterdays turbo trainer session
    Last Rest: Wednesday.

    Good luck on all racers this weekend.
  • Morning all,

    What: 9 miles jog done, easy 10 before lunch and another 9 later this afternoon.
    Why: weight loss and aerobic base building (and football is on Sunday this weekend)
    Last hard: Sunday
    Last rest: 14 days

    Good luck to anyone racing (esp. the L2B)
  • Oh my god TT! That's impressive. Are you an athlete competing at a high level?
    What: speed session that I was meant to do yesterday (couldn't be done, 'my little people needed me!')
    Why: Abingdon Marathon in a couple of weeks
    Last rest: yesterday
  • Good luck Sarcs with whatever it is you're doing. How's it going. We must keep in touch re: Connemara - ooh, I think I'll start a thread on it!
  • Morning, took a rest yesterday instead of easy run.

    Today, plan a 5 mile easy and 4 mile easy.

    Why: Maltby 10 tomorrow.

    Unfortunately I pigged out last night - had half a Vienetta and a large bag of nachos (not together). 3 pounds heavier this morning.

    TT - will that be a regular thing now - 3 runs per day?
  • Snicks - I'm a fat bloke looking to become 'an athlete competing at a high level' :o)

    BR - 3 SESSIONS a day (2 runs & gym on weekdays). May switch a couple of gym sessions to runs when I am ready.

    Lydiard (here I go again) spoke of achieving a 'near tireless state'. Once you get used to the steady mileage, 3 runs a day is not that big a deal - much easier than 26 miles in one go! The hard part is trying to fit in eating / football / living around it.

  • Morning All,

    Been off the forum for a week or so, work committments etc.

    Hilly, a belated CONGRATS on your fine performance at Cardiff.

    Best of luck anyone racing this weekend, BR etc.

    Training wise it has been a good week, low mileage, but I managed to get through my first post-injury 'hard' session without my legs falling off so happy about that.

    What: 13-14M easy
    Why: Doing the Sunday run today as out on the lash tonight with some old mates from Uni.
    Last hard run: Tuesday
    Last rest day: Yesterday

  • Cheers MM and glad you're running is back on form!

    Good luck racers!

    TT-if only I had the time. I think I'd be divorced within 3 months should I take up running 3 sessions a day! Best of luck to you though and hope you achieve that "athlete competing at a high level" Have you got a time goal for how long it's going to take you to reach that level?

    What:swim today
    why:still marathon recovery, even though I feel ready to get straight back into training now. Will start back properly on Monday.
    Last rest:most of the week
    Last hard:Sunday
  • Peeps!

    what: rest today before a long run tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone racing this weekend.
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    Ditto Hilly.
    Hugely impressed TT wish I had time for 3+ hours a day. Maybe I would if I didn't have kids!
    Struggled to fit in 30minute tempo x-c (4.5miles) yesterday.

    Today: easy 5 miles
    Why: Alton Downland 10k tomorrow

    Enjoy your weekend .
  • MM, great news. Just don't go too fast too soon. Get the mileage back then worry about speed. FLM 2004 is a long way off.

    TT - is that a `near tireless' state or `near TYREless' state:-)

    Is this where we get to the concerns you expressed a few weeks ago of people trying to copy your training?

    Back from 5 miles. Knocked 80 secs off my pb @ 140-145 bpm on the course. I'd like to think it was down to not running yesterday and 4 good quality aerobic 10+ milers in the week.

    Good luck tomorrow Dustin.
  • morning

    glad you're back running MM

    what: possibly nothing (though not thru choice) - maybe 2-3 miles easy X-C mid-afternoon

    why: Matthew has a school X-C event this p.m. and his race starts 1430 (fingers crossed for him - he had a cold last weekend & hasn't trained much recently). Then later, Mrs S is taking him & a mate to see Pirates of the Caribbean, so I get to look after Nicholas.

    last hard day: Tue - though in terms of effect on knees & general stiffness this morning, yesterday comes q close. Need to start strengthening quads again to protect knees.
    last rest day: Thu

    May see if I can get 15 mins or so to jog round the X-C course before the races start this afternoon.
  • morning all

    what : not sure, probably nothing but maybe a swim / sauna
    why : cold much better this morning so want to make sure i'm ok for tomorrow's long run
    last hard : mon
    last rest : fri

    got a nice 20m run planned tomorrow along the Leeds-Liverpool canal from Keighley to Leeds. Hopefully marathon training can get back on track after losing this week to illness.
  • Morning,

    What: done hills
    Why: strength. Or masochism. I know it was one or the other.
    Last hard: Thursday
    Last rest: yesterday

    This is the end of my 3 weeks of harder training. I've been doing more 'hard' sessions than usual (long run + 2 speed sessions + hills each week). I now have a week of tapering before the Great Cumbrian Run and, if it's all paid off, the sub-1:30 1/2 should be on the cards.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Hi all. Good luck Sarcy, let us know what it is!

    MM, glad to have you back - you, Snicks, Drew making appearances, seems like old times.

    What - last long run before Abingdon, about 15 miles, I think, 2hr 51min (5/1 run/walk) I'm sure about. Still had something left in the legs at the end.

    Run in honour of Steady, Mrs. Steady and the Unknown recipient. See Bone Marrow Donation thread on Injury forum.
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Hi peeps

    Today while watching paula on the telly we had a neighbour round who has a walking stick and guess what crashed onto right ankle and am meant to be running at southend tomorrow i winced in pain right on the bone. Hoping to be alright tomorrow (pppplease) I've sprayed some deep freeze on it and am trying to rest as much as possible but am dreading getting up tomorrow and not been able to walk on it.
  • Afternoon

    Just come back from 1hr 50 mins up and down hills in Hampstead. Cream crackered. But acheived the mileage I wanted this week. Rest tomorrow then a new week beckons.

    TT - is that really 14 days without a rest? isn't your body rebelling??
  • hello..

    What: easy 10K
    Why: base training
    Last hard: tomorrow
    Last rest: yesterday
  • Afternoon everyone.

    What: am 19 miles running - done, pm 1 hour easy cycling.
    Why: Scheduled
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Friday

    At last. Managed to nurse my knee through a decent long slow run. Just in time to be fit enough for Dublin!
  • Tostaky - "Last hard: tomorrow"

    Time travel is great isn't it?! Bet yo uare looking forward to going through it all again

    My last hard is tomorrow also, only I haven't remembered it yet...



  • afternoon everybody

    what: 8 miles easy
    why: mileage building and long run tomorrow

    have a good day everybody
  • Tostaky, oh no - surely you don't mean you're never going to try hard again!
  • Evening all,

    All runs done, legs have that pleasant tired feeling.

    BR - LOL, still a couple of tyres to go. Yeah, getting towards the type of training I was concerned about - gets a bit more frightening when you add the numbers up at the end of the week...

    Hilly, I think Mrs TT likes to get me out of the house! I'm hoping for some decent performances in the spring next year.

    3TL - the body did try to rebel, but I threatened it with Ice Baths and Sports Massages. It does what it is told now ;o)

    Off to a family do now where my divorced parents are meeting each other's new partners for the first time. Now that will be a test of endurance!

    Night all
  • Good luck with your evening TT.

    Done 4 mile run - another 140-145 bpm pb - by 50 secs! Feeling good.

    Paul, sound like a fab run tomorrow - does that take in Saltaire?
  • Evening everyone

    TT - wow! Thats a lot of miles. Its all I can do to persuade my self out to run 3 times a week never mind 3 times a day!

    What: 10.5 miles HR 150-155 bpm
    Why: Testing out my calf muscle following a slight niggle last weekend. Thankfully everything seems fine. Also its my first run wearing a HRM - thought I might give it a go - now all I have to do is work out what I'm supposed to be doing!

    Good luck to anyone racing tomorrow - especially anyone coming to Standalone 10K (I'll be one of the marshalls)
  • Like Hilly and Dustin, I won't be copying you TT - because I can't (kids would be in care etc) but again well done. And you can't be that fat! Stickless, thanks for including me in 'old times' ... nice to be back... now, for that speed session. Not done yet, but will do it then eat a nice big Chinese. Good luck racing everyone
  • Ha ha, feeling good! Still feeling good!
    What: 4 and a bit miles (due to showing an old lady how to get to a street near here, involving running back and forth up along the routine warmup mile).
    Why: to help burn off the alcohol from tonight's session.

    Last rest: yesterday
    Last hard: Thursday at club.

    Plan to do a long run tomorrow (been lazy for last few months, so will probably only be able to do 90 mins).

    That 'Born to Win' prog is a bit harsh. Running 4K in 35 degree heat with weighted vests? Echoes of army physical torture come to mind..... Poor little kids.
  • I'm here again, I did my back in one day & my pc went the following day!!!

    After 2 physio sessions my back seams ok & it was nothing too serious. I may race 10K tomorrow I can't decide yet as I've only run 14 miles in the last week.

    My pc is back to health after one of my programs stopped working properly.

    What: for the last week

    Fri: 5M am, did back in shortly afterwards at work.
    Sat: painfull night, rest
    Sun: rest
    Mon: rest, physio,
    Tue: 4M easy on grass + more pain
    Wed: 4M easy + more pain
    Thur: rest
    Fri: physio, more pain & bruising but has done the trick.

    What: am, 6M easy on grass just feel bruised. pm, 4M steady with strides felt ok

    Why: recovery & see if I'm fit to race tommorrow, oh & a marathon in two weeks.

    Last rest: more days in the last week than for most of my marathon training!

    Hilly, what I really want to know, is how did your marathon go!

    How I've missed my addictions!!!
  • Welcome back BT, so glad to hear you're still on course for Amsterdam!

    The rest could have done you good.
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