Saturday 4th Oct



  • Enforced taper, as they say...
    Joan Benoit anyone...?
  • Thanks BR, I agree about the rest & two weeks is enough to get my confidance back!
  • No running or RW forum! Did you take up gambling or whisky?
  • I do know there is very little to watch on TV.
    My first run back felt very strange as if my legs had forgotton how to run!
  • Did 2 and 2/3rd miles v easy (7:30 per mile pace) on return from Matt's X-C event. No chance to do anything at the venue - walked the course with Matt & others in a major squall; then followed Matt round various parts of the course, running up far higher HR's in the process than I subsequently managed on my run.
    He didn't set the world alight (wasn't in shape to do so), but battled round an undulating 2 mile course, whose uneven surface must have been pretty hard on the ankles, in 16:28. Happy with that for the time being - we can build on it.
  • Big Tim-glad to see you back and glad your back is better oh and the pc!!

    I know how you feel when it comes to back as mine is my achilles heel!

    Marathon went well. I ran the first half very easy maybe a bit too easy. I used my hr monitor as a guide and it didn't quite pan out.

    Anyway after half way I went into a bit of panic and maybe upped the pace too soon to try and make up lost time-doesn't work!

    However I was still on target at 20 miles for a sub 3.30 which although outside what I was aiming for would have been fine.

    In the final few miles I started to feel spasms in my lower back, which now I've had time to analyse I put down to the tight right hand turns around bollards and then trying to straighten up without losing too much speed. Anyway the final mile I was pretty worried as I could feel my lower back locking, but I managed to hold on and finish in 3.30.58. I was at first disappointed with the time, but soon got over it and realised it wasn't too bad as it's my second fastest time in a marathon and as a bonus I was 11th female overall and 1st in my age group earning a money prize. Not a bad day out after!! Quite a good course too apart from it being a bit twisty.

    Good luck in your own marathon and look forward to hearing how you get on.
  • Thanks, hilly
    I've wanted to know all week & that time sounds good to me.
    I feel as if I can still run a pb at Amsterdam
  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭
    Good to hear you are back on the road BT, as BR says a few days enforced rest won't do you any harm.

    4 miles easy tonight. I have a club handicap 8 miler tomorrow morning, this will be my first race in 7 weeks. Definitely category C then but I will be interested to see how much sharpness, if any, has been lost. Will do a few miles afterwards to make it a long run. It is going to be quite chilly tomorrow morning apparently.
  • Two Ton
    Were you at Cardiff last week? I know Two Dogs cruised past me when I was in a zombied state. A couple of people saw my web name pinned to my back and said encouraging words. If so, I'm sorry I wasn't able to come out with something witty and uplifting.

    There are times in a race when you pick out a runner ahead of you and work your way up to them. After M21 the boot was on the other foot. I saw people ahead, then heard footsteps behind, heavy breathing, and someone else cruising past.

    Today: 8 miles gentle at 8 minute pace.
    I think I've got minor repairs required in my calf muscle. Time will heal. Chocolate will help.
    Why: Last hard was Sunday.
    Next? Rest tomorrow, maybe 3 miles, maybe not.
    Then: I wonder if I'm ready for 15M gentle on Monday?
  • A late posting

    What: 16 mile longish rum still suffering from Friday's interval session

    Why: Weekly long in tapering mode for Amsterdam

    Last rest: Monday

    Last hard: Friday

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