Sunday 30th September 2012


Lyrics - I've got a sixty-nine Chevy with a 396

Go racers! Looking forward to the reports.

Blisters - it all has to come good on the day - and I have to get there well - but the signs are promising.

Forward planning Pammie! When is it?

Thanks OPR - there are a few in that series that look good. I don't have fond memories of Bristol Half - hope you come away with better ones.

AF - it's good head clearing time isn't it.

What:            nothing
Why:             RHR is up, throat is sore, sinus headache
Last hard:      being sensible
Last rest:       27/9

Yesterday's lyrics were Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk.

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Morning.

    AF - Shit news. Very sorry.

    Some big racing today. Looking forward to results.

    Training going well. tentative steps back to running progressing. Will be going for another one later.

    Swimming and cycling going well - 75 miles cycled yesterday, 4k swam again on Friday.

    Pammie's got a long term plan!!

    Talk later





  • Morning

    What 11.44
    Why Lots of reasons
    Lyrics Familiar but no

    Lost nearly a week due to the ankle. After lots of Brufen gel it seems to have cleared up sufficiently for todays run although its still a littke tender.I think the cause can be attributed to a new pair of work boots  thyat I wore the other day and will not wear again til after Abingdon. 

    Will have to try and read back over the last few days to catch up on peoples news.

  • Morning

    LMH - May 6th which is the bank holiday monday
    Paddy yep a long term plan 2 weeks after London gives me a bit extra time  as i always find it tricky getting the miles in in the lead up to Christmas so at least  i get a little lee-way

    Postie Hope ankle will be ok and its just the new boots

    What: 3½ miles plus cycle to/from work later
    Why: No rest for the wicked
    Last Hard: Friday
    Lyrics Familiar

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    Good morning

    Anticipated 8.6M round Regents Park didn't quite turn out as planned. Had to stop three times in the last 4M with a sharp pain in the toes of the left foot. Had the shoe off a couple of times thinking it might be a blister or crumpled sock...but no signs of either. When I got home I had a good poke and twist of toes but nothing obvious. hopefully is just a bit of bruising, but no run day already logged for tomorrow.

    Lyrics: not today.

    Have a good afternoon all
  • 1:35:07. Will post a race report this evening!
  • Brief report from Preston Guild 10k.

    Not so sure about the bigger races with the loud PA and the Lord Mayor but the crowds make a nice change (compare/contrast: quite literally one man and his dog at the top of Thieveley Pike yesterday) and I'd agreed to run the PG10k for my mate entering his first race, so no complaints.

    Nice course. 2km lap around town, follow the lap out for another 1km and then into Avenham/Miller Parks for a good 5km along the riverbanks (more or less). Bugger of a climb out of the park just after the 8km mark and then back into town for a flatter sprint. Temperature was ideal, blustery, rain holding off.

    Really pleased with my effort of 42.31 for a PB. 21 mins flat at halfway, but the first half had favourable winds and more downhill: I didn't fade or go too hard - it felt like a smooth, well-run race where I began running through a fading field.

    Good run OPR, look forward to the report.

    Postie: stay sensible near race day!

    Lyrics: not a clue.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well done OPR

    7D great PB, you are running well at present

    2 hours for me this morning covering 14.37m

    meaning 198.40m for September

    Take care

  • afternoon all, 
    great results OPR & 7D
    Tom - hope its nothing sinister, does sound a bit weird tho'...
    likewise postie hope the ankle clears up

    Managed 16.2 miles yesterday in 2h08...mile and half on the track w/u then did ~11.7m on the lanes/paths, before finishing with a 3mile (12 and a bit laps) of the track 
    Today - should have been first xc race (our club hosting) but short of marshalls/kitchen workers, so I manned early marshall point, jogged back to village hall and added an extra pair of hands...instead will do an hour easy later, but will have to wait until this evening - youngest swimming in club champs all day and want to watch the last session or two.
    Reckon that will take it to about 160miles for the month

    lyric - I think I do 

  • Lyrics? Got the artist straight away, but didn't know the track.

    LMH, I'm sure that a day off would be OK.
    Paddy, if you're not careful people will accuse you of training.
    Postie, pre-race paranoia? Taper-itis? Good idea to avoid the new boots.
    Tom, Isn't it annoying that young folks don't get these perpetual niggles?
    OPR, master of the brief race report. Spot on target and PB if I recall.
    7D, A very well executed 10k. Despite the hill a PB and a strong finish. Have you got another 10k soon? Both myself and a close rival found that we could deliver a 10k pb then do it faster just 7 days later.
    RFJ, surely you need a recovery jog of 2 miles?
    Dustin, without the volunteers nothing would happen.

    For me it's the swimming beasting later.
    September tally:
    running: 62 miles
    biking: 221 miles
    swimming: 12x each 45 to 60 min.

  • Just back at b+b

    Well pleased with 40 minute PB - 4h26m09 - at Nessie today

    What: Loch Ness marathon

    Why: good question

    Last hard: today

    Last rest yesterday

    Lyrics: don't know and don't care

    Sent from Android so any reports will have to wait!image
  • Some great results from today's racers - is that PBs all round?

    40 minutes is a huge chunk OH - well done.

    Blisters - no choice if I'm honest, haven't felt well enough to even have a splash. Hopefully today's restraint will mean that I can do something tomorrow.

    Dustin - good of you to volunteer when you thought you'd gone to run. It's my club's 10k next weekend which I would love to run one year but feel obliged to marshall as I do little else for the club.

    Didn't realise you'd hurt your ankle postie - hope it was just the boots and that you're fine now.

    Tom - strange. Hope it comes to nothing.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Blisters I was thinking that, but cant be bothered, getting changed just to make the numbers up...image


  • Some nice PBs and good racing today. 

    I went for first, ever, proper bike-ride.  Well, twice round the block without falling off.  Cunningly went anti-clockwise so no right turns. 

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Wow some good racing today, well done all of you.

    Postie hope you're ok tomorrow
    LMH still feeling bad?

    What: Goose Girl festival day over here, town was packed with stalls etc.
    Why: got to make the most of these local traditions!

    May have been scammed though.  We've bought a chest of drawers from a Flee market, they said they'd deliver when the market closed but no sign of them yet (closed at 6, it's now nearly 8).  Hoping they'll still show seeing as I loved the thing and we paid them less than half of what we owe them (just in case they didn't show!).  Still, would be nice not to have been scammed...fingers crossed!

    Looking forwards to OH and OPR's race reports image

  • Tom.Tom. ✭✭✭
    emzap: On balance I doubt you've been scammed. Most "antique"dealers I know are pretty honest (that's what under pinsthe trade), though most of them are pretty disorganised. A return visit to their market site should result in delivery of what you bought. Several years ago I bought a cold painted bronze from a French antique dealer in the Place De Bastide, Paris. Two months later it turned up at my front door, as promised.

    Simply put, buying antiques is different from from Argus.
  • Evening All

    My legs aren't speaking to me at the moment. A feeling all of you can relate to!

    So for the first time in 3 years I did a half marathon. My previous pb was 1:39:16 so my aim was to better this but my tip top aim was to do a sub 1:35 and finish in the top 1000. 

    Unfortunately I'll have to settle for 1 out of 3 because as you can see from my previous post I actually managed 1:35:07. Which not only wasn't the time I really really wanted by a meagre 7 seconds but meant I finished 1003. How agonizingly close!

    So miles 1 - 4 we're wonderful and I was running about 7.07 a mile. Things changed as I got to the top of the portway (those who have ran bristol half will know the road I mean) and turned for home as it were the wind was doing it's best to slow me down. I had a gel and kicked on however.

    Once back in to the centre I was struggling. I felt sluggish and kept getting a 'cramp is just around the corner' sort of feeling in my right groin. Miles 4 - 9 seemed to fly by and I won't lie I can't remember bugger all about them!

    Miles 9 - 12 we're so so tough. My stomach was churning over and over and my legs began to get heavy. I thought my averages we're suffering badly but there was only just over 10 seconds extra per mile in them! Weird feeling when you think your going at snails pace but your watch says your not. Even after tapping it a few times (as you do) it didn't budge from a good yet hard for my brain to fathom truth!

    12 - finish I picked up speed again. The pain in my legs which was still there was put to the back of my mind. The crowds we're brilliant and I was 'cathing a lift' by running on people's shoulders so to speak. It also helped that nearing the final turn with just over 1 k to go I spotted my girlfriend's brother who was in front of me having started in the pen before. I suddenly became the hunter and he became the prey. I switched the burners on and must have run a sub 3.45 kilometre including a sprint finish which I can only attribute to a long gradual hill which greets me towards the end of my training runs every single time! 

    In the end I beat him by 19 seconds. 


  • OPR, a great result at Bristol. Not my fave race, for the reasons that you probably found, but the hunter and the hunted is certainly a big motivator. Be proud in your achievements, and enjoy descending stairs tomorrow. Be honest with yourself, 1:35 was the pace target, and it was only historical figures that suggested an equivalence to top 1000. Your report tells of a pace racer's race, and you delivered to plan. The important thing from your perspective............Massive PB.

  • AF Hve read back and am sorry to hear your news.

    Blisters am a veteran of the phantom niggles.

    On another self congratulatory note bagged my first double century this month.
    200 miles the nail.

  • Good write-up OPR and glad you found something at the end.

  • Evening

    OPR - Well done nothing like a bit of hunting
    7D Well done as well, nice pb and you didn't slow that much in 2nd half

    RFJ Did you do as Blisters suggested

    Cycled to work had a minor fall on way was ok just took a moment to get up. But 2 drivers checked if i was ok and was i sure. More embarassed really

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