Windsor Half

I notice reading the other postings on this event that a lot of people were not totally satisfied with the event.
Windsor was the race that got me running about 6 years ago, when it was the Building Industry Half Marathon, the company I used to work for ran a coach up there every year and we used to enjoy the hospitality of the parent company, it was always an excellent event. Then a few years ago the organisation changed, it became much more commercial and the entry fee shot up, I have noticed that the same organiser has a few other well established races under his control now.
Although the entry numbers seem to increace (good marketing?) can the event handle the increase? I went up to watch last year and the start was delayed because people were still arriving in droves and queued for the toilets. Personally I now avoid entering any race that is not organised by a running group or club.


  • I ran the building industry Windsor half marathon back in 1994 and 1995 when i worked for Redland Aggregates, from what I remember it was a well organised enjoyable day with minibus and night in a hotel provided by our company. I never ran much after that until about 6 years ago, I would be really interested if anyone out there could lead me to find the results image

    I still have the 2 commemorative ashtrays. Ashtrays??

    Thank you for any help
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