Cambridge Running Club?

I am looking for a good running club in cambridge to train with. I live in the city and don't drive, so preferably one that trains within the immediate vincinity. Any suggestions?


  • Cambridge and Coleridge. A number of forumites seem to be members. Not for the very slow. Meet on Tues. evenings, University athletics ground, don't know when. I think they have a website, don't know it off hand. (I'm too slow.)
  • Yup, just roll up at 6-30 on a Tuesday at the track and look for the old gits (road section) rather than the speedy young things (track). Introduce yourself to whoever's taking the session (Neil Costello usually). It's an intervals thing, on the roads from this time of year (some of the speedier types go for a longer one on Thursdays). You can try it for a few weeks before deciding. No website yet - under construction. Speed, well, if you can do sub-30 mins for 5K you'll have company. If not, I'm sure no-one will mind, but you might feel left out. I think the ethos is (a) to enjoy it and (b) to want to perform better rather than to keep in trim. Competing for the club encouraged. That kind of thing. But definitely in a sociable way.

    Otherwise (and I can't vouch for any of these) there's Histon Hobblers if you can venture out of town a bit, all female and happy to cater for the slow, or the Cantabrigensis Hashers if you like beer, paper-chase-type running, beer and beer, who go out of the St Radegund pub (King St) of a Monday (thence to return for beer), and finally, I believe Green's gym on Coldham's Lane have running groups (not sure if you need to be a member, but suspect so).
  • I was i cambridge this weekend, and this morning was stuck in traffic as the 10k pootled by - I saw Glenn!!


    Was anyone else here running it?
  • Juliejoo - why weren't you running? ;-)

    There's a thread in Events - quite a few forumites ran it.
  • Hmm, well, I'm fairly young (mid twenties) and not too slow, though not speedy (just did a very slightly sub-50 minute 10K). The territory is quite convenient for me. Does it sound like a suitable match?
  • Yup, sounds like a perfect match (and some competition for me)! See you there sometime, I hope.
    Feel free to mail me if you need more info.
  • Well I'm not at all young but I did do the 10k in 53 mins so I might just give it a go.

    I'm a member of Greens - think I picked up at the pre-race announcement that you don't have to be a member to join the running group. I'm going to the gym in a bit so I'll try to find out more.
  • Greens running club: meet in the foyer at 6.15 on Tuesdays. Two groups, seems to be beginner and intermediate - not fast anyway. You don't have to be a member - just turn up.
  • Hi,

    Sorry to resurrect an old post, but anyone viewing this can feel free to join our sessions or find someone to run with on the "Running in Cambridge" facebook group:



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