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Im training to run a marathon (hopefully FLM if i get in) after a drunken bet in the pub with friends.

I started training about a month ago and found i was experiencing pains all through my legs after taking a friends advice i invested in some running shoes.

After spending an hour trying on various shoes i bought NB 763(i think?)which i found were very comfortable after about 25 miles of road running i found that part of the sole near the heel had come away. So took them straight back and the assistant believed it must be the way i land when running.

So they suggested Brooks Adrenaline GTS (the sole towards the back comes round further), only problem i having now is that i have started to have lower back pains which i never had in the NB's.

Any suggestions on other shoes that might help.


  • Hi Stu,

    A few further questions...

    Can I ask where you bought the previous shoes from? (ie. was it a High St. sports store or a specialist running store?)
    Did they give you a refund for the sole on the 763 coming away? If not, they should do!
    Did you have your gait (ie. running style) analysed?

    I might be summising here depending on your answers to the above, but you can only be sure of getting a shoe that is right for YOU by going to a specialist running store and having your gait analysed. Running shoes are highly individual things and what is great for one person will be totally unsuitable for someone else.

    If you can post the answers to my questions above, we can take it from there and look at possible shoes to try on.

    Hope this helps.

  • Just checked and it was 764's, which i bought from Bourne Sports (specialist) they went through choosing the Brooks GTS and were just exchanged.
    When i tried them on in the shop and checked them out they seemed to be fine.
    Yet when i started to go out running in them i just seem to have back pains.

    The assistant (who was in fact a very keen runner himself) loooked at my style and thought these would be ok.

    Im beginning to think that i must have a really lop sided running style and shoes that seem ok are likely to start causing aggro after some serious miles.

    As im just getting into this i dont want to become less interested as a result of pain everytime i go out.



  • Stu,

    If it is your running style, then my best suggestion is to visit a podiatrist (see adverts in RW for local one) who will probably recommend orthotics. These are expensive, but will last and will sort out any problems you have in your running style. Like you say, if you are constantly in pain, you will lose interest in running in a hurry. If you're in it for the long haul, they are a great investment. Mine have sorted me out a treat.


  • Thanks for the advice, think i might try that.

    Cheers SL
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