7 weeks till half marathon and I need help !!

hi, Ive been training for a h/marathon for last 6 weeks now I run 3 times aweek and a parkrun thrown in as well.I started a r/w plan but becos of work and I dont have a garmin to work out tempo/pace/intervals  etc I have found it difficult to stick to the plan so my own plan is at the moment 2x6mile runs( for this week )and a 10mile run . my problem is I find it difficult to keep the pace up after the 5-6mile mark and I'm flagging almost down on my knees !!image I take a energy drink with me and drink some before I go out but I think a redbull would help me more ! how can I keep going should I run/walk ?so many confusing plans out there-also I get a bit light headed just as I hit the 6mile I'm wondering if I'm panicking to much as it always happens then( I would like to fin the half in 2.30( in my dream world)any ideas ? please-there's  7 weeks till race day 


  • Hi Oldrunner,

    The best advice I can give is to go into the Inspiration vurtual runners forum, runners of old and new go in there.

    I have been running about same length of time as you. But felt and feel better in taking some of a plan run, and adding my own in.

    I started off doind just ten mins, walk 1 min run two. Today I did an hours run ranging from 2 mins up to 5 miins with just a min walk.

    It's not a climb down, its recognising your limits bu taking stock of where you are now. Its just my way of traning, but as I said at top. Go into the virtual runners and inspiration forum. I'm sure they will be able to help.

    I'm sure it will all come together for you.

  • thank you will take a look 

  • Are you going too fast on your long runs? My long runs are LSRs i.e. long slow runs and I use the mantra miles matter speed secondary i.e. it is more important I do the number of miles than complete it in a particular time.

  • 7 weeks left is plenty of time I think if you've been doing some training for the last 6 weeks. It sounds like you are going too fast and too far at the beginning -10 miles should be near the end of your training schedule not before half way through it!. You say you don't have a watch that will give you pace, but could you not map out your run on one of the many tools out there (I use http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/ ) and the print out some times you should hit certain geographical features/distances (pace band)?

    I'd highly recommend using a a schedule rather than your "own". For bitter experience I did my own training for 2 years - quite a bit I thought and only managed 2h09 HM at best and utter exhaustion, this year I did a 16 week one (not all of it mind, missed some weeks to injury) and managed 1:46 with plenty left in the tank.

    I think most people train too fast, not enough recovery days at too similar a pace to get the benefit. Many smarter folk than you or me (when it comes to running) have developed these schedules, you should take advantage of them.

    I'd also recommend investing in a garmin watch or similar if you can, it made a world of difference to me!
  • Hiya, you do 2 x 5-6 mile runs and you're flagging at the 6 mile mark?  So you must be talking about this happening during your 10 mile run.  

    Simples, just cut your long run back from 10 miles until you can manage it more essily.  You should not be dead on your feet to the point of near-collapse.  Cut it back to seven or 8 miles, ease right back on the pace, and see how you get on.  Then add about 1 mile each week.   The long slow run isn't about going flat out, it's about allowing your body to make long term adjustments like increased capillarity, production of certain enzymes and other long term changes resulting in improved aerobic performance.

    How long were you running before doing this training volume?

  • Sorry didn't realise 10 miles wasn't in your training plan. Would definitely follow one rather than making one up.

  • thanks everyone for the replies, I think I will invest in a garmin and I do think Im going maybe to fast (for me )Ive been plodding for a few years just back after injury. I will check out a training plan thanks

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