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Hola peeps

So, I figured that bearing in mind everyone should have found out by now if they were lucky enough to win a place in the ballot, then it was timely to put a little plea out on the forums for something I'd like those of you who weren't successful to consider.

Every year, a merry band of RW Forumites set up camp at Mile 17 - Mudchute behind some Runners World banners and surrounded by blue and yellow balloons in order to provide some very special support to people who are taking part.

We commit to being there on the day - many of us actually have an earlier start than those running as we aim to be on site before 7am if possible in order to hold our place - and we split ourselves into groups with runners allocated to us so that they can pick up specific special needs items such as gels and drinks that have been left at the Expo in the days leading up to the event itself.

Next year will be my 4th at the 'Chute, it's one of the highlights of my year as we really do have such an amazing day. We are there early, and we stay till the last runners have gone through (we don't leave anyone behind) and usually don't go till way after the sweeper has gone.

We've been short on supporters the last couple of years - there's a core group of people who come along every time, but it would be nice to see some people who've made use of our services in the past paying it back.

We have had to put a limit on the number of specific runners we can actually support over the last couple of years, so PLEASE PLEASE - if you're not running, consider coming along on the day. We don't bite - well, not much anyway ;-) - and we really do have an amazing time. We all pitch off to the Chandos at Trafalgar Square afterwards as well altho some of us (cough cough image) usually really don't need any more beer by that pointimage

If anyone wants any more info, please let me know, I'm more than happy to go through what happens on the day image

Oh - and a little plea to RW Towers too please. It'd be nice to have some support this year since last year it was lacking - we are all volunteers who do this under the RW banner so it'd be nice to get a bit back.

Cheers all!!




  • Put me down for leading a support group.  Last year was my first time actually allocated to a group and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  Previous years I turned up and helped out a litte as I had other commitments on the day but wished that I had got more involved.

    I'd be happy to be grouped with someone who hasn't helped out before and show them the ropes

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    Sister Bad Habit



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    Hope I'm not being too premature SBH, but I'm excited already

  • Story of my life Caz.



    Sister Bad Habit



    Mr Puffy.

  • I'm running but have to say the hug I got from you 2 years ago (with my banana) was much appreciated and I really hope you get some more helpers.

    THANKYOU in anticipation!
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    I need to check arrangements and a weekend pass away but I'll try to get there if I can. You guys re fantastic and I hope that RW gives you some support
  • *lurks to see whether a rant is due yet* image

  • I ran a few years ago and didnt know about the RW support group I stopped and very nice blonde lady (not Liverbird I said nice) gave me a jaffa cake 

    If you can help out, go it looks fun if your running take up the offer of help 

  • I LOVED it last year, and hate running VLM, so count me in!

  • I echo everything SBH has said. This is really fun day out which is why so many go back to help year on year. If you haven't taken part yet then this is your need to be shy and you can often be paired with a regular who knows the ropes. You know you want to so what are you waiting for? image

  • Goldie! It's my birthday!

    It is illegal to slight me today!

    Wait until tomorrow.image

    I'll have to come down on the train on the day but I'll be there. I'll bring Jaffa cakes and style image
  •  ...Gucci sunglasses?

  • can add my support to SBH, supporting at Mudchute is just fantastic, I would be there only VLM have decided to let me in again, obviously low on very slow runners this year image if you haven't supported at Mudchute, and particularly if you have been on the receiving end of their support in previous years, get yourself on the supporters list image


    Sister Bad Habit



    Mr Puffy.
    kittenkat (hopefully not stopping, no offence) image

    Loon (definitely stopping and expecting lots of hugs image )

  • the year before last there was someone from RW towers there..................didn't she go down sick last year and so had to miss the party.

    we already ahve the thread for supporters and a thread for the afternoon parties.........all we need is some running threads.........haven't we got secret santa to have fun with first before VLM image

  • KateF wrote (see)

    I LOVED it last year, and hate running VLM, so count me in!

    I LOVED you being our pacer to Chandos last year image

  • Ooh yes, Secret Santa image  Who's organising that this year?

  • can I just make a suggestion, not sure if it was already being done ...... but to maybe help with the ratio of runners/supporters. does anyone not planning to stop or leave a specific drink or food item at mudchute get allocated to a group regardless. just thinking that if they are would it be better for those in that category to just be might stop bys if need to and not actually allocated?

    secret santa .... I always manage to miss that lol, I shall try to get involved this year image

  • seren - there was someone there from RW towers for all of about an hour 2 years ago. There was someone due to come this year and yes she was poorly but at the same time we had very little support unless we nagged and nagged for it or they wanted something - for example our photos, for which we got no credit.

    This all makes me sound like a bitter old SBH but it's really quite a lot of work to organise this.

    And my intention wasn't actually to start the lists just yet - that'll be from January when I set up the main thread, which will then lead into the Group threads in March. I'm not moving the goalposts or the timeframes. The intention of this post was just to make people aware that Mile 17 doesn't organise itself and does rely on people actually being willing to step up to the mark and COMMIT to being there and taking on a group.

    That's all it was, just exactly what it says in the title, An Early Plea.

  • you know how much we like lists SBH image

  • Not sure I'll make it to Mudchute this year SBH, I will be moved by that time and I'd like to come but I can't commit to anything as I have no idea where I will be working or indeed if I will have found a job by then.  It is a major league blast though and I'd hate to miss my fix of that sort of fun.

    Anyone who's enjoyed the support but hasn't been on the fun side of the fence please take this chance to give something back.

  • it really is brilliant to support  everyone...and the runners are grateful.infact i think its a better day supporting at mile 17 than actually runningimage

    only been connected with mudshute the last couple of years and so not aware of what RW staff did in the past........not sure what is needed or wanted from them as the forum seems to run itself at mudshute...i also thought it was a forum led thing not a RW staff led wasn't aware what was required of them...sorry



    But as I said i really can't think about VLM until Secret santa has been done...must be soon....bounce bounceimageimageimageimage

  • lol SBH image

  • I'm excited now!!! *prances off singing Jingle Bells*

  • I was Santa last year so would normally pass the baton onto my Elf who was beebs.  However beebs has stopped using the forum and said that she'd not be doing it.  I think LB was being Elf this year. 

  • Tickled Pink wrote (see)

      I think LB was being Elf this year. 

    Well she's been using her Christmas avatar all bloomin' I guess she's ready for it! image

  • Loon. wrote (see)


    Sister Bad Habit



    Mr Puffy.
    kittenkat (hopefully not stopping, no offence) image

    Loon (definitely stopping and expecting lots of hugs image )

    Nykie (I had a group last year but only at the last minute, so didn't really get to know people)

    Oh dear - my quoting has gone a little mad. If the next (more forum-friendly) person to quote could do better, I'd appreciate that image

  • I definitely recommend this as a very fun day out image

  • I guess i'll be up.for supporting again. Its a good day out
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