Anyone else doing the 10k Run to Cure Diabetes 7th Oct?

Hi Hoping to do this as my first 10k run next Sunday. Not worried about times, more about finishing. Developed lots of injuries recently so off to see a Physio on Thursday to check its OK for me to run. Then doing the Croydon Titsey Trail the following Sunday! If I manage both of these my plan is to look at some proper training to start improving my times. Looking at getting a GPS watch too but will wait for the New Year sales for that!


  • Looks like no one else from here is! Going out for a short run, about 3k tomorrow then that'll be it I think until race day. Might go out after Physio on thurs but I doubt it.
  • I did a 3.7k run yesterday which went OK. My knee was sore at the start but eased off and has been fine since. My groin problems started at about 2 k but I didn't need to stop. Shin splints were a bit sore.

    Physio tomorrow so lets she what she says.

    First 10k on Sunday, hope I finish it.
  • Had Physio today, boy am I sore!

    So I've tight ITB, calves, hips and hammies. Oh and I really overpronate!

    She did accupuncture, deep massage (ow!), mobs on my spine and taped my feet.

    She's given me stretches to do 3 times a day, they take about 25 mins so I'll never fit them in 3 times a day but I'll do as much as I can.

    She's said I should be fine for my 10k this Sunday although I may end up sore towards the end. After that I can then decide whether or not to do the 2nd 10k next Sunday.

    Seeing her again in 2 weeks.
  • Good Luck!

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