Hello All

Well I blew it
I havent been out running now for ooh, lets say 6 months
Thats strange, I havent been on here for 6 months either, I wonder if they are related :)

Over the last couple of days Ive been psyching myself up to get out and plod and i have set myself up a schedule ( starting again from the beginning ), all starting today.

So please wish me luck as I try and find that motivation all over again. will be a little easier now the hot weather has gone. but not that easy !

Happy Plodding All, and hope to keep up this time.



  • You are already doing more than 80% of the poulation just by showing willing,the next step is easier,since you've done it before,and you'll feel better in yourself for it.
    Good luck,and if an unmotivated toss-pot like ME can go running at 10pm on Sunday night,there's hope for us all!



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  • Good luck Goo5e!
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭
    Great to see you back Goo5e. Go for it! and good luck.
  • Welcome back Goo5e......you'll keep going this time!!
  • Thanks for the encouragement all
    hopefully this time i will stick with it

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