St Peters Way Ultra 45M

Nice part of the country......not a great deal of elevation and it is very flat near to the coast. I'm tempted.


  • Good running area, lots to see en the route. Slight worried it'll be muddy as hell but guess if your doing a run on pathways in Feb you've got to expect that.,, I'm in

  • Me too. Being very flat and, for the last section, near to the coast could make this brutal - the Essex marshes in winter are very exposed and can feel like the wind is coming directly from Siberia....

  • Bring it on! I'm in!


  • If anyone wants to share a cab from Chelmsford on the Sunday morning, please let me know. I'm thinking of doing that so I can get a lift straight home from the finish rather than having to hang around for a shuttle back to my car....

    Forecast looks like it will be quite chilly but hopefully no wetter than it probably already is.

  • I'm manning CP 3.... see you there image

  • I've been searching the web for a little more than the Essex CC website map and found this which I hope runners will find helpful

    Rather a lot to print out but helpful reading.



  • It will be a direct headwind all of the way according to the chaps on the BBC Weather website

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