South West alternates to VLM?

No place for me this year, any suggestions for an alternative??? Edinburgh is a Bl**** long way from Devon.


Thanks Nick


  • Kittenkat. Is Dartmoor Vale as tough as the name suggests??
  • llanelli in april......flat and a PB course



  • Kitten- write up says challenging?? Please expand. I guess not PB course.
  • Nick,dont know how far from Cornwall you are but you have the Duchy Marathon, around the time of London, over Bodmin way and the Eden one run around the domes and ground, which I hear is pretty good

  • Duchy came complete with horizontal hail the year I did it, but not a terribly tough course.  North Dorset village marathon in May, Cornish marathon November, taunton April, Eden Marathon October

  • North Dorset Village marathon is my favourite, highly recommended and probably the opposite of VLM, small numbers, you can get your own drinks and food on the course and beer at the end.

  • Hi there, would recommend North Dorset Village Marathon too.  I secured my marathon PB on that course and I have done the London three times!  A very, very well organised event and given the limited number of entries available it would be worth expressing your interest's the link

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