Manchester Marathon 2013

Thought i'd start a thread for the Manchester Marathon next April.  Wanted to do last year but got injured so desperate to do next year !! 

Anyone else up for it ? Did anyone do it last year ? How was it ?



  • The course has changed this year it say's its the flattest in Britain.


  • I really can't decide about this.  On the one hand I'd love to do my home town marathon and wake up/go to sleep in my own bed on marathon day.  On the other (sincere apologies Trafford residents) the route just seems pretty dull.  

    I'm sure there are excellent reasons why the race doesn't (seem to) leave the borders of Trafford, and the Council are to be applauded for allowing it to be staged, I just wish it took in a bit more of the city.  The old route did, although I can appreciate it must have been a logistical nightmare.

    Think I probably will enter though.

  • The route is very dull, Manchester is not an inspiring place at the best of times, but surely there are better places to run, last year we actually ran through an industrial estate. It was appalling, You had to make two trips into Manchester, to visit the expo to pick up your number etc (this looked like a bad car boot sale) and then again on the day, the baggage fiasco was of monumental proportions and everything you left to the organisers was left out for anyone to go through and was absolutely soaked, finally unless you were in the first 200 runners all Gels were dished out before you arrived. Shambles!!

  • We can say what we want about last years race but the organisers seem to have listened and the course, start and finish seem to be a lot better this year. Have done a few city centre marathons and this one is one of the better ones. The support last year was phenomenal and that comes from a person who runs GNR every year and is from North East originally.
  • London's pretty boring at times, never mind Manchester!

  • I did it this year and to be honest, I zone out on long runs/races so I could be running on Mars and wouldn't notice the scenery.  One thing I will say, IF the support is anything like it was this year, that in itself would make me run it again.  Manchester marathon route may not be particularly pretty but those Mancs didn't half do themselves proud, stood in abysmal weather for hours to cheer us on, especially in Altrincham.  Good fast flat route next year too.  I am sure the organisers learned their lessons, it was dreadful the baggage fiasco but the weather really didn't help the whole day at all.   

  • HeOw - totally agree and well said. London is a pig to get to start of where Manchester is a lot simpler.
  • HeOw - agree with you mate about the zoneing out, i've done London and can't remember much as i was in my own world.

  • Ashman - I would definitely go for it.

  • I've signed up. It'll be my second marathon (after Brighton 2010) and I'm looking forward to it, and having a pint with a few old mates afterwards image

  • Not a lot they can do about the weather to be fair to them and they say they've listended to the feedback. I might enter before Chester on Sunday puts me off.

  • A fiver off until the end of October, apparently.

  • Doing Manchester, Helsby, and the four villages.

    HeOw do you live in Elton, 

  • Did this last year and enjoyed it, apart from the weather and the bagage problems, do I do it again? not sure the route looks interesting but not sure how it fits in with my long distance tri plans this year, but Helsby 4 villages entered


  • Hi

    I be one soft southerner signed up!  Was going to do brighton but my wife is expecting a week before that so thought it too close to comfort..... I called the organisers as had some reservations re baggage etc (heard about it on Marathon Talk) and they really sounded as if they have learnt from it in a big way.  Looking fwd to the vocal Northern support!! image


  • Congrats on your pending arrival, Cooks. There are only 2 weeks between Brighton and Manchester, right? What if your missus overcooks (no pun intended)?

  • There was a few problems with the race this year such as the well known baggage issue and part of the route was almost impassable due to the weather. But is seems the organisers are working hard to iron out any

    I personally wouldn't return to the event because I like to try out events I've not done before.

    Will comment about Altrincham though. Although conditions were horrendous on the day, the good folk of Altrincham were out in their hundreds to support the runners. Very good atmosphere going through that section of the course.
  • I'll be doing it, its local and its flat so while I'm still PB chasing it ticks most of the boxes for me. I'm the same as HE, when I run I just switch off if theres nothing to look at, its doesn't bother me at all.

  • Hi GazOC good to see you on this blog
  • Hi BP. Only 7 months to go.....

  • Gaz - and only 5 months since last one although seems longer
  • Yeah mate, the break between Manchester and Chester marathons has been a little too short for me, I really struggled to get going after Manchester and didn't really get my training going properly until July.

  • Yeah that's one reason why I did not do Chester and instead am doing Luton in November.
  • Ashman, I live not far!  Why, do you know me?!  image

  • do you finish inside Old trafford footy stadium? It may be worth entering just for that...


  • No just outside
  • what, so we can desecrate it Bart...? 

  • Fortunately, I think it is just the car park.

    I always enjoy a chorus of 'Blue Moon' at the Great Manchester Run as we go past the monstrosity: not sure I could manage that at the end of 26.2.

  • HeOw.. No looked at your 20 miler profile and saw Elton, i'm in Ellesmere Port.


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