Manchester Marathon 2013



  • Think a lot of the drop outs took one look at the weather last year and went back to bed image

  • I might be wrong but 8000 entrants last year rings a bell with me and, as Robin says, just under 5000 actual runners,

  • Yep 8000 entrants lazy year but only 5000 started due to weather.

    Rockin - they so a weekend metro ticket which starts 5pm on the Friday and I think that was ??5
  • Bearsted Plodder wrote (see)
    Rockin - they so a weekend metro ticket which starts 5pm on the Friday and I think that was ??5

    From using the Metrolink with the family, they do a family day ticket which covers 2 adults and 2 children for any distance/journery for the full day and as you say that works out around £5 and much cheaper than individual tickets

    My son's at rugby at Sale that morning, so we'll be running past there, past the end of our road in Timperley so I guess after that they can hop on the tram while I'm out in Urmston, Flixton and heading back to Stretford

    I notice that most of Manor Avenue is missed out in Sale and instead the run circumnavigates the "Racecourse" estate and comes out near Mersey Farm, presumably to prevent the need for closures of a major road, although Brooklands and Washway Road are just as busy

    GazOC wrote (see)

    I might be wrong but 8000 entrants last year rings a bell with me and, as Robin says, just under 5000 actual runners,

    For 2013, I think they were looking for 10,000 and had 5,000 entrants just prior to Christmas as they were pushing it in our local paper along with the charity places and the relay places

  • yep, their website says the entry limit is 10,000. assuming they sell all of their tickets, and barring exceptional circumstances, the pre race drop out rate (did not start) is likely to be around 28% (based on avg pre-race dropout rate for London Marathon over the last 20 years). So i'd expect a little over 7000 people to be on the start line.

    The good news is that (again, going on the London Marathon stats) once at the start line, the dropout rate is MUCH lower. In the entire 30 year-ish history of the London Marathon, those DNF-ing averages about 4%. In fact is started quite high, and over the past decade has been below 2%, so I'd expect only about 150 people to DNF.

    This makes a number of assumptions, e.g. the demographic of Manchester is comparable to London, as is the difficulty of the course. But as a rough guide, if I were the race organisers I'd be expecting to hand out about 7000 medals and goody bags.

  • Sounds good, I'd be interested to know what some of the "disqualifications" and other DNF were last time although I guess some people got injured and there will presumably be a few people who finished outside of the 6 hour cut off time and therefore don't have an "official" finish time or were "still running" at the time the results were generated

    Based on those figures, they bank £500K for entry fees, haven't got a clue what the race costs in terms of closures, policing,admin,stewarding etc are but in theory somewhere around £100K-£150K will come from runners who never actually set foot on the course

  • Cybarev - sorry not to reply but not been online for a while.  Yes, Liverpool 2011 was my first as well - this will be my second so I've got my fingers crossed for a better experience!  My IT band went during training last time, so I managed (with strapping) to start Liverpool OK but it went again on the sharp downhill to the ferry terminal and I limped the rest of the way round. I finished, but with more of a grimace than a smile!  Hopefully Manchester will be my chance to run a marathon rather than survive one!

  • Hi all, thought if pile in on this thread. Haven't entered yet but prob wiill over weekend. Like to wait as long as pos incase of injury. It band went bang last year 2 week before my first marathon so was gutted having to drop out. Anyway after being ripped off of over ??100 by a local physio in an attempt to still run took 8 wks off then started again & in awful & v undulating conditions did 3:41 in preston guild marathon. Want to change to trail really but not many near me. Can't resist a try at sub 3:30 on uks flattest. I don't know any runners so all info from net. Did first plan last time & served me well. So using again adjusting slightly making every 4th wk a easier step back then carrying on. Long shifts so struggle for time. Didn't miss a run last time so figure less is more if you get em all in. Noticed someone said iPods banned, don't like sound of that I need mine. Nout the can do I spose it's like the no cameras at concert rules. Looking forward to next 12 ish wks & seeing how everyone's getting on. Saves me noting the mrs
  • Hello Rob, good to see you on the forum. Hope your IT band problem is sorted. Sounds like it is judging by your time in Preston.

    I just registered for a half marathon at the Olympic rowing venue today. Happens in March and is on a saturday so works well for me.

    What running have people got planned for the weekend?

  • I'm gonna do nw half as they have a pace team, did it last year & did 1:41 so was faster than 8 mm, so it should b good to run with a pace setter
  • Rob Whyley wrote (see)
    Noticed someone said iPods banned, don't like sound of that I need mine. Nout the can do I spose it's like the no cameras at concert rules. Looking forward to next 12 ish wks & seeing how everyone's getting on. Saves me noting the mrs

    I think someone said that people still wore them last year, like some people have mentioned you could always just have one ear piece in, I struggle to run without my music at times

  • Yeah I tend to only have one earpiece in, like to hear whats going on & chat
  • Marathon training day in Salford tomorrow, weather permitting, then a 15 miler on Sunday ending with tea and toast - it's amazing how those last few miles fly by when you can smell toast in the air!  We've escaped the worst of the snow so far up here (not quite the frozen north for once), so hopefully this weekend will be similarly blessed and we'll get both days' running without a problem.  It's been a bit icy so far this week, but that's only scuppered one day's training - nothing too drastic!

    I went to the Olympic rowing last year - amazing venue so a half there sounds interesting.  Just don't take a wrong turn and get wet!

  • Had a fantasstic 10miler this afternoon. The sun was out, there was still snow on the ground and the air was crisp. This is what running is all about.

  • I did 10k when it snowing & we never get snow. Running along a fresh white carpet with just my footprints out & back. Loved it!
  • How did everyone get on at the weekend? Training going OK?

    I bought some new running shoes and have decided to take them back. Nimbus 13's that feel completley different to Nimbus 12's. Way too narrow! May switch to Brooks or pay the bit extra and get some Nimbus 14's.

  • samoffsamoff ✭✭✭

    I did my first 15 miler yesterday. Two miles further than I've ever run before and man did that last two miles hurt. A reminder that I'm going to have to show this marathon some proper respect.

    The average speed looked pretty on the spreadsheet, but there's no denying my legs had had it by the end. Looking frward to breezing round the same run in a month or so's time. 

  • Did a 13 miler in the week, a little slower than the last time I ran it for the Tatton Half in November but my times are starting to pick up post virus or whatever has been causing my cough since Christmas

    That said I struggled on Saturday with regard to a 7 miler in the snow, coming home around 8-10 minutes slower than I'd normally run it

    It's the first "rest" week for me this week so the longest run will be back down to 11.5, will see how the times come out this week and put Saturday down to the weather and a blip

  • First double of the campaign for me this weekend to register my biggest week of 2013 to take my weekly mileage up to a mind boggling 5 miles. Yes, 5 (five). Not 50.... Week 19 of injury might be the turning point...

    Ho hum. On the plus side I'm not spending much on trainers.
  • Picked up some good tips at the marathon training day - free session run by company called Full Potential and they were great.  Informative, helpful and nice people to boot.  Couldn't run because of ice but the exercises they made us do made up for it - haven't laughed so much in ages!

    15 miler on Sunday was OK until mile 14 when my ITB problem re-surfaced - drat, drat and double drat!

  • 16.5 for me, quicker than I wanted on the upside it's given me a shot of confidence. Entered today MEN5 discount code still works for a fiver off if anyone hasn't entered yet.
  • Hi everyone!

    I haven't been on this website for sooo long, I have had an eventful few years to say the least!  I just entered this (before I saw Rob's post...rats!)...

    I have done marathons before and I am not that fast (normally between 4 and 4.30), and I have been running on and off for about three years.  I was all set to enter this last year, but just before I did, I found out I was pregnant...timing!  Anyway, I wasn't far gone, but I didn't dare risk it.....hence, I have a lovely baby that arrived in November, just one day late!  .....and now I want a go at this (saying that, when I saw the weather last year I was so glad I wasn't running!)

    So....I started jogging again a couple of weeks after having the baby, and it was really hard, and I have now started upping the mileage again, and it feels like it is slowly coming back, though it is a struggle.  I feel fatter and unfitter (if that's a real word) than before, so I thought this would be a good motivator.  I know I will get a really slow time, but this is all about getting round this time, and getting fit again!

    I look forward to a bit of  banter and I sincerly hope there will be some sort of social gathering afterwards!  I live in the North West also, about half an hours drive from Manchester.

    I just want some decent weather for training and the race!image



  • Hi RP, welcome to the forum. Great to have you around. Sounds like you're being very sensible having had a baby and all that. I think you're dead right about just getting round. Don't worry about your pace (I'm a lot slower than you!) just enjoy yourslef and get your love of running back again. Your sub three hour marathons can come later in the year image

  • ha....yeah, I wish Cybarev!

    I am loving getting back into it....I had to give it up at about 32 weeks pregnant (bladder pressure...I won't elaborate!), so I went spinning loads instead, which I think has helped.  You can't compare being out in the fresh air though and running for hours...I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it...though it doesn't always feel like that at the time! 

    Funny enough, I might do Liverpool again later in the year, but I will see how this goes first.  You take it forgranted before having kids, how easy it is to get out for a run.  Now you are relying on someone to mind the baby etc etc.  It's a nightmare!

    I think I will head out for a run tomorrow as I have a friend coming over that can watch the little one for a said it could well be 13 degrees tomorrow! yippeee...does this mean Spring is on the way?!


  • Hi redpanda, congrats on your new arrival & getting back out so soon. Hope your right about spring coming, don't like the cold
  • Thanks Rob, I am with you there...and this wind...awful.

    The way I see it though...if we can force ourselves to go out in the snow/dark/cold/wind in Jan/Feb, then when March/April comes and we are in shorts, it will feel like a breeze!

    (I am choosing to ignore the freakish conditions of last years race...we could not be that unlucky....!)


  • Congrats on the baby Redpanda and yes lets hope you right about weather this treadmill running is starting to get to me

  • Morning!

    Bearstead, I don't know what it is, but I can't run for very long on a treadmill..It must be the boredom.  I hadn't stepped foot in a gym before I was pregnant, and now I quite enjoy it, just not the treadmill!

    Who is running today?  I am heading out later, it is quite windy but mild here...oh, and raining, of course!


  • samoffsamoff ✭✭✭

    Running home from work tonight. That might well mean 13m in driving rain so it'll be a plod I think.

  • Wow 13 miles on a school night?  My longest run so far has been 12 and that nearly killed me!  That's impressive!

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