Manchester Marathon 2013



  • samoffsamoff ✭✭✭

    I'm not expecting to be any use to anyone for quite some time afterwards. (No-one's relying on me to change their nappy)

  • imageha ha!!...It's really not that hard

  • Morning all, Think its a gentle 6 miles for  me tonight. Weather has turned really mild today and I'm even thinking of running in my shorts tonight!

  • Just had a quick read back and recognize a couple of names from last years thread.

    I'm going to give it a go again this year with a little more of a rest inbetween marathons, doing Boston marathon on the 15th  so it will give me a couple of weeks rest this time.

    enjoy your training...


  • It is mild cybarevm but I won't be exposing my thighs to the world for some time...maybe race day?!

    Wow Jonah8, you are obviously super fast if you have qualified for Boston.  Have you done it before?  I went on holiday to Boston a couple of years back and really loved it.  Someone pointed out "heartbreak hill" on the marathon route...but it didn't look "that" bad tbh!

  • Hello Redpanda  No, I've not done it before, my plan is to run all the majors.

    I've read quite a few different posts saying it's easier than New York and Heartbreak hill isn't that bad.

    I'm not particularly fast just Good for my age.

    I ran London last year the week before Manchester, wasn't that bad it was just the weather.

    Are you a member of a club?

  • Hi...Well....even if you are good for age, you must be fast!  Go for it!  Have you done Paris and Berlin?

    Yes, I see they have changed the course this year.....we spectated in Dunham Park and I felt SO sorry for the runners, some of them looked close to tears and very dirty.  We were freezing, and we had big winter coats on and gloves and hats...yuk!

    I used to sometimes go to a club but I don't anymore....I just have to fit things in as and when now, so I can't really committ to a club, maybe one day?  You?

    Did 5 miles was nippy for me (but slow for most of you!)....really is mild out there.


  • TBH Redpanda, I think the spectators last year deserve more credit than the runners. We'd paid to run the race and didn;t want to miss out but for the crowds to come out in that weather when they could have stayed at home in warm was amazing.

  • Ah Gaz, that is sweet of you....I must say, there wasn't that many spectators in Dunham, but I was shouting my lungs out, cheering for people.  I know how important crowd support is, having been there myself, but I have never run a marathon in those conditions, so I beg to is YOU lot, who deserve the praise!

    I went home after half an hour to thaw out, and I just kept thinking about those poor runners.  I don't think I would have turned up.

    LOL...there were still quite a few smiling though...notably that bloke from Emmerdale who always does the FLM and GNR (a decent runner)...he was smiling and cheering AT the crowds, and looked on top of the world!!


  • Dunham was pretty grim but Sale and Altrincham was very well supported. Running down to Altringham there was just this wall of noise and the streets were packed.

  • Ah that's good to know...fingers crossed for the same this year!  I have quite a few friends in those areas so I am sure they will come out to support......I really really hope for a nice day!

  • Redpanda- Did Berlin last year, fantastic event and the organization was second to none.

    A few of the lads from Stockport Harriers were supporting us said they would of prefered to have run it than spectate

    The worst section for me last year was the open roads near Carrington I was running on my own without a soul in sight, the wind was lifting me off my feet.

    Can't be as bad this year, 8 miles easy for me earlier.

  • Was Carington the industrial estate bit around 20 miles Jonah?
  • GazOC- Yes that long open road where you turned directly into the headwind, I remember trying to open one of the bags of water but failed miserably, maybe running in shorts and vest didn't help with the cold.

  • samoffsamoff ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell that was a hard run tonight. Spirit was willing, body wasn't having any of it. One of those times you have to think the more you hurt now, the less you will in April.

  • Intervals at 5:30 this morning for me. Calves sore from Monday, hope that's all it is
  • You are all doing really well with your about dedication...intervals at 5.30 am?  Wow, I take my hat off.

    Funny enough, I take in some of the marathon route on my long runs (or I did, I think since it doesn't go through Dunham/Warburton I won't this time, and it is very exposed on some of those back roads.  Carrington...mmm..not exactly scenic either. 

    Yes, I wouldn't have known what to wear in those conditions.  It was cold enough for a coat and as I am slow I wouldn't have wanted a shorts and vest combo.  A hat would have been a must, though I expect it would have got blown half way to Liverpool!

    Jonah, I did Berlin a couple of years back, and Paris too, but I wasn't keen on Berlin...the course didn't compare to the beauty of Paris by a long chalk, plus the water was in cups and there was no t-shirt (only if you bought one), which I thought was a bit poor considering the entry fee.  It was flat though, but I didn't love the course.....Mind you...the beer at the end was nice!

    I was going to go out this morning, but baby decided to wake me up at 4-30, so I am knackered now.  I will go out tonight though early evening.  I am going to do a hilly session....double hard in this wind!


  • RP- Paris is one for the future for me but I want to get all the majors done first, I've done London, New York and Berlin so far, only 10 weeks to Boston so that means only 12 for Manchester.

    Off for a steady 16 miles later on the Middlewood way, nice and flat.

    Rob - Respect,  I don't like doing them at track never mind early mornings.

  • It's never nice early mornings in the winter, but I finish late tonight & try my best to do in morning rather than evening. It'll be a lot better once we get the lighter evenings back, doesn't seem such a chore then. Does anyone use a garmin? Been after one for a while & finally bit bullet & ordered a 410, should be here today or tomorrow in time for Fridays tempo running. Tres excited, love gadgets
  • Rob- I have been using a Garmin for years, all my training goes off my HR.

    They are a fantastic bit of kit with plenty of geeky bits to keep you happy.

  • Hi

    Yes, I can't wait for the light can notice a difference already to be fair, and in a months time we will be on the way.  I went to the Cotswolds last Feb and it was 17 degrees one day, so you never know, we might get some decent weather next more day of January left...who hoo!

    Jonah, can't believe you are doing 16 miles in the week...How long will that take?  It's absolutely blowing a gale here today, though it is bright and sunny.  I have my washing out lol!

    Rob, I have a Garmin 205 (blue)....I have had it since pretty much I decided I liked running (about 2.5 years or something).  You will not regret getting one...defo the best money I ever spent.  Imperitive for marathon training as pacing is obviously crucial.  You will love it!


  • RP-  Under 2hrs with hopefully the wind behind meimage

  • ha! You are a speed demon!  That's very fast.

    I am dreading going out later...wheely bins strewn across the roads here, and I have just had to rescue some of my washing from the garden!

  • At last years event where there any activities in the start/finish area to keep spectators occupied?

    My 7 year old wants to come and watch me but 3.5 - 4 hours while I'm on the road is a long time for his Mum to keep him amused.

    She's not likely to jump on the Metro to go somewhere else without me either.

  • Valley - don't think so although it was based in a park but tbh the weather was so bad that it wouldn't have been viable wait around with a 7yo for 4 hours

  • sorry just to add the start/finish isn't based in a park tis year

  • Valley- Last year the start and finish area was at Longford park which with all the rain turned into a mud bath, there was no activities there only mud and wet runners

    This year the start is at Old Trafford so she could take her to the War museum, it's only round the corner and well worth a visit.

  • jonah8 wrote (see)

    Valley- Last year the start and finish area was at Longford park which with all the rain turned into a mud bath, there was no activities there only mud and wet runners

    This year the start is at Old Trafford so she could take her to the War museum, it's only round the corner and well worth a visit.

    Or even the Man United Museum, plenty of shops at the Lowry etc

    I think my family are going to get a day ticket for the tram given that we're based in Timperley and then they can see me at various stages (provided I stick to my times) before coming up to meet me at the finish

  • GazOC wrote (see)

    Dunham was pretty grim but Sale and Altrincham was very well supported. Running down to Altringham there was just this wall of noise and the streets were packed.

    That's pretty much the key to the route changes hence the run up Brooklands Road, loop around Altrincham then back up Brooklands Road

    I'd have like to have avoided running Brooklands Road twice but I guess the cost of closing further roads from Altrincham through Broadheath and Timperley and up to Woodhouse Lane that way, which might have provided a bit more variety, would have been perhaps prohibitive, whereas Brooklands is already partially closed

  • Morning all, we all well, calves still bit sore. V sad to hear Claire squires died after using jack3d. I've never heard of it but it makes you wonder what's in energy drinks, gels, supplements etc. also thought sky news were out of order when there first statement last night was - she died after taking a performance enhanceing drug. Very harsh thing to say about someone trying to raise funds.
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