Manchester Marathon 2013



  • RRR - Thanks for that. Could be a great help. We've been looking at the course map and it seems quite feasable that the family will be able to see me in quite a few places by jumping on and off trams but the boys will be desperate to see more than a load of lycra clad sweaty people huffing and blowing around the maraton course! Any suggstions greatly appreciated. The lads are 7, 10 and 11.

    Just completed an 8 mile fartlek in a blizzard! Very bizzare, could hardly see my hand in fornt of my face!

    Really looking forward to April. Feeling a bit more real now.

  • Knowing the Glazers, the United museum will be open on the race day although not sure whether stadium tours run on a Sunday and I think you have to book (although the lads may support other teams!). Legoland is OK but a bit pricey, the Imperial War Museum is good but can be a bit dour as is the gallery at the Lowry - most of which are walkable from the race start

    Manchester City centre is only 10-15 minutes on the tram and then there's the Trafford Centre itself, bit of shopping or something to eat or indeed the cinema, game of 10 pin bowling, visit to the ChillFactore etc. Plety to do there although it's not everyone's cup of tea and it can get mad busy at weekends

    You can get a family ticket for the tram which covers the whole day for 2 adults and 2 children and means you can indeed "jump on and off" trams all day and see the race at various points. There are plenty of places to eat or have a drink in Sale and Altrincham town centres but nothing out of the ordinary

    I guess alot depends on the weather on the day

    I'm sitting in the office and watching a mixture of heavy snow and then brilliant sunshine. I'm going to have to unpack the hat and gloves for running tomorrow, was in short sleeves only this time last week

  • SALLYMAX - based on what you've said I'm certain you can do under four hours, probably comfortably. Last year's race was my first marathon and I went into it with a best HM time of 1.53 or something. I wanted to get under four hours but I couldn't really see how I could, going off the times I'd been doing in training. On the day, though, I came in at 3.52. So don't underestimate the lift the buzz of the big day can give you (and your training times are better than mine were anyway).

    Having said that, those last miles can be tough if you've never run that far before! How far are you planning to run in training?

  • Thanks for all your comments.  So helpful and inspiring.

    Sam_Turner - I've 2 x 20 milers left to do and after yesterday's 18 miles I feel lots more optimistic about the distance but I'm a bit worried about setting off at 9 minute mile speed and not being able to keep up with it.  Thought I'd try and run a section (maybe the last 8 miles or so) of the 1st 20 miler I've to do at marathon pace.  I'd love to do sub 4 but don't want to make my first marathon (and maybe my last as I'm 51 now and not sure I want to be doing too many of these mammoth runs!!!) a real nightmare.  Looking forward to it though in a perverse way and feel optimistic now after all your comments. 

  • Sally - I'm doing Manchester too. I did a 1.50 HM and then a 3.58 marathon so you CAN do it. I even felt I could have run a little bit faster too. The secret is to run steady and even all the way through. Work out say your expected times every 3 miles so you can keep a check on how you are doing. I knew mine off by heart and mentally it takes your mind off running too.

  • Thanks for that Molly.  I'll work out those times - give me something to think about, ha ha...

  • I ran a 3:53 marathon off a 1:51 HM about 18 months ago so it def. can be done Sally.

  • Sally_Max,

    I agree to an extent with the previous comments .....but just a word of caution. The marathon time predictors such as the macmillan one work well provided that you have done plenty of miles in training - especially the 20+ miles runs - at least 2 as a bare minimum and preferably 3...and had a successful taper. For a first marathon a sensible goal is to finish in relative comfort regardless of the time. Post 22 miles on marathon day is a whole new experience. Learn from it and have a time goal on your second marathon.  


  • Thanks puremanic.  I'm really trying not to get too obsessed with time.  Think I can only fit in 2 x 20 mile runs now.  Would it be of any benefit to make the 2nd one 22 miles do you reckon?  Be great to have "run a marathon" anyway....

  • Sally - Puremanic speaks words of wisdom, really the first time is about getting round and being fine when you finish. I wouldn't do a 22 mile run, 20 is ample. Don't worry about the last 6 miles, try and imagine what a six mile training run would be from home to say the library or a supermarket. You know you can do 20 so six is just getting home from the supermarket.

    p.s. I don't think it'll be your last image

  • I was 41 when I did my first last year and I also thought I'd only ever do one marathon. But thing about those mammoth long runs is that the more of them you do, the more enjoyable they become. Now I look at them as three and a half hours of lovely me time.

  • Hi everyone!

    Welcome to the new sound too fast for meimage!  I agree Sally, you should be fine for a sub 4 hour marathon based on your times.  I also think it would help to do the 20 milers you have left a bit faster.  If you want to run at 9mm pace, you could try running your 20 milers at 9-40 or something...I know they say to run the LSR about 60-90 sec slower, but to me that has always been too much of a jump.  If you are going say 40-60 secs slower that should give you more confidence on the day and still allow you to recover sufficiently.

    It certainly won't be your guess is you will be looking for an AUtumn marathon before long!

    I was meant to do a 20 miler on Saturday but just couldn't face it on account of the weather.  I did think of doing it Sunday, but as it was my first mothers day I didn't want to miss out spending time with partner and baby....hence, I spent the day on my backside, eating and being spoilt!  Ooops...not exactly in the plan...but I have no time goals so hopefully it won't do too much damage...and I had a lovely dayimage!


    I don't know about anyone else but I am fed up with this freezing weather.  This time last year it was baking hot and now I am more wrapped up than I was in December, though at least the horrible wind and snow seems to have gone.

    Keep going everyone!


  • Panda - Am totally fed up with it.

    I hate to moan really because it never got anyone anywhere but this winter has been the pits for me.  I've never known so many below freezing nights and i've never known such a long one.  It started, if you recall, fairly early in October with unseasonal chilly blasts.  We've had a couple of very brief mild incursions but then back to cold again in a flash.  We are now mid-march and expecting things to ease up but it's getting colder.  That's nearly half a year of winter now so yeah, you could say i'm getting sick of it.

    I actually said to the Mrs this morning about how fed up I was running in tights, gloves, hat etc.  I am aching, absolutely aching to run in shorts and a vest again.


    Moaning mode deactivated.

  • SB,.....I totally feel the same.


    Ironically, after I started running post baby, at the end of November I was in a t-shirt!  Even in December it wasn't too bad.  I can't believe I am in gloves and long tights and still chilly when running.  There was a bloke on Radio 2 yesterday that was moaning about the weather and said that this time last year he was having his first BBQ!  I wouldn't mind if we had a decent Summer but that never seems to happen either.

    It is demoralising, and I keep thinking it "must" get better soon, but they are saying more rain and unsettled weather at the weekend tooimage.  When you have to run 20 miles and am as slow as me that is not great fact, it is pants.  It just better not rain on marathon day!!  Argh!!


  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    Winter has been bad but I'm consoling myself that when it has gone it is going to be such a pleasure to run in some nice weather. This weekend is due to warm up so that's a start.

    Some interesting comments on the previous page about times. This is also my first marathon but I am one of those people who is so competitive that I dont just want to finish, I want to finish in a good time. My original target was to crack 4:00 hours but my training has been going well that I'm now targeting 3:45 and will probably be disappointed if I go round in 3:50, which is obvioulsy better than my original target. The sensible approach wiould be to take it steady all the way around and enjoy the experience of running a marathon, I hope I have that attitude on the start line !

  • Hi might as well aim high!  That is very impressive for your first...just don't forget to enjoy yourself too.  All too often people get so fixated on times and pacing etc that they miss out on a lot of the enjoyment.  I would be tempted to say don't worry too much about times on your first marathon, and you can always improve in the Autumn (which I generally prefer anyway, as you have all Summer to train, rather than this crap weather!)...but then again...if you are competitive you probably won't listen to me anywayimage


    Sally...Just a thought too....You could try following the sub 4 hr pacer?  I have never followed a pacer but I would assume they are trained to run fairly even splits and it should stop you going out too fast (or slow!) and take some of the pressure off you if you are not confident in your own pacing.

    When do the clocks change?  Is it the weekend after next? 


  • RP - Just for once the clocks don't change on Wilmslow HM day!  It's Easter Saturday this year (the clock change, not Wilmslow HM!)

    I'm feeling strangely serene at the moment, despite losing a lot of training during the past three weeks with niggles and old injuries resurfacing.  I ran the Stafford 20 miler this weekend, and limped back in 3:19, which actually gave me a boost.  If I can do that with ITB aches and a very sore foot, maybe I'm on course for a decent (by my standards) marathon time after all.  Also, hearing you all talking about sub 4 marathons on the back of 1:50 halves makes my 1:52 PB point towards something I thought was beyond me.  I'm hoping for anything under 5 but 4:45 would leave me thrilled beyond belief.  As you can see I'm easily pleased these days!

  • I was at Stafford 20 on Sunday, AN. The weather was a bit grim, wasn't it?

  • AJ - I think at your current state you could do 4.30 and once you're fully fit you could do a sub 4 even. It's not optimism but positive realismimage

  • Thanks Redpanda.  Thought about the pacer but will only maybe follow anonymously!!  Don't want to pin my target to my back and fall flat on my face... Getting very excited about this marathon now!  Agree with comments about the weather.  I did my long run on Sunday and it was perfect weather, then snow and freezing now - and I'm on the Isle of Wight so as far south as you can be.  Club run for me tonight if I can drag myself out the door.  Loving this forum...

  • Sallymax, I'm with you on following the pacer annonymously! I dont want to crash and burn and advertise to everyone the time I was aiiming at! Think I'll stick to lurking!! Not sure what the idea is to have to preregister with the pacer. Anyone any idea?

  • AJ, I think you will surprise yourself with your time.  There is no way you will get 4-45, I am looking at around that time and I am not in the best of shapes!  I would be amazed if you were slower than 4-30, but I bet you get between 4-10 and 4-15, maybe even quicker, there is still enough time left to improveimage.

    Blimey are travelling a long would have been quicker for you to run the Paris Marathon!image...Any reason for Manchester?  I suppose I am assuming everyone entering is local, but that is daft really, as why would they be?image

    My partner has rubbish work hours now 11-7pm..which is making running a logistical nightmare.  Such is my lack of motivation, there is no way I can make it out of the house in the cold and dark at 7.45pm when he gets in (maybe in the light nights I could), so I have taken to running in the morning, which is pretty early as I also have to get back before he walks the dogs and sets off for work.  I have to say, I rather like getting it done and dusted though...then I can't talk myself out of it!  I always thought I would struggle running so early with not food etc, but yesterday I managed 9.5 miles and today 5 miles on coffee, which I suppose should be do-able, but I always find it easier later in the day really.  Well, that's life, you just have to work round people sometimes I suppose!


  • ...PS Sally...that made me laugh about "declaring yourself"...!  I might be wrong but I don't think you have a big banner round you saying "I am following sub 4 pacer!" just tag behind this bloke carrying a big balloon or something like that and off you go...nobody would really know you were following it tbh.

  • I think you can register with the pacers and you get a sign to put on your back - seriously, I'm sure I read that on the Manchester Marathon website!  Must check... Why did I enter Manchester, well was thinking about entering a marathon before Christmas before I get "too old", ha ha.  Didn't get a place in London (obviously, does anyone) and Brighton was full before I thought about it.  So, wanted a marathon in the first half of the year, a big City marathon (my running club have a marathon on the Isle of Wight but there are about 100 people enter - imagine the embarrassment if I collapse), and Manchester is flat - good reason I reckon. So, New Year's Eve after only half a glass of wine, I went for it...

  • Yes, just checked, you get a 2nd number to wear on your back if you register with the pace team!!!  No thanks.

  • I'm with the Anonymous Ninja crew who will be secretly following a pacer without wearing a number to illustrate the fact, to see if it helps me get round in a good time

    I don't really run to the watch or heart rate as such and tend to listen to my body and run accordingly, faster if there's more in the tank, dropping the pace if I feel like I'm struggling

    Did my 3rd 18 miler yesterday, I don't think I feel any better during the runs but I feel like I'm recovering quicker afterwards

    I think I've got an 18 and a 20 left before the taper with the Wilmslow Half sandwiched in between (will be interested to see how my Wilmslow time compares with Tatton last year as I feel like I'm running slower)

    It's more miles in the bank, I'm fairly confident that I'll get round the marathon and whatever the time I'll be happy

    At this stage there are no further marathons envisaged but ask me again on the evening of the 28th!

  • Was looking for a bit of advice with regard to mileage/runs for the week of Wilmslow (24th March)

    Done my LSR of 18 miles this week, I have one pencilled in midweek Post-Wilmslow, so either side I'm fairly settled on

    I'm just wondering what to do in terms of mileage in the run up to the race given that the race itself will be the LSR for the week but I've been averaging 40 miles per week for the last few weeks and my LSR has obviously been higher than 13 miles for the last couple of months

    I'm trying to strike a balance between having enough in the tank for the race but not disrupting the marathon training by having a mini taper of any note or by running what is in effect a much shorter LSR for that week having built it up

    When I drew up the plan I had 10, 8 and 5 mile runs in the days leading up to the race with Fri/Sat as rest days but I'm now wondering whether the 10 miler needs to be longer to keep up the marathon/LSR mileage or whether it should be shorter to make sure the Sunday race is worthwhile

    All advice welcome (I am pretty comfortable with the taper for the marathon itself)

  • Redpanda - I admire you for running at all, having a baby was such a shock to the system all I wanted to do was sleep!

    I live in Italy and I'm doing Manchester because my brother is doing it. i'm doing Rome marathon this weekend which will be LSR for Manchester.

  • Morning everyone...sun is out!


    Wow live in Italy....well's my fave country by an absolute mile.  I got married in Calabria (now divorced, but nevermind!) and it was the most wonderful location...Praia Mare the place was called...also love Sorrento (very touristy though) and all of Amalfi, and  Where do you live? 

    TBH, excercise is making coping with the baby a lot easier and keeps me sane.  Luckily she slept right through from 6 weeks though and normally goes till at least 9am so lack of sleep not an's just finding a babysitter that is more challenging!

    Ha ha Sally...I stand corrected....!  I can't believe that!! WHo in their right mind would want to declare they are running with a pacer, and then knowing if it went wrong you will feel crap knowing that everyone knows you didn't do it!! I totally agree, I wouldn't want to declare it either.  In that case, just tuck in behind and follow, nobody will know...but I am sure you will make it anywayimage

    RR what do you mean exactly?  Are you basically asking what runs to do on marathon week itself?  Well, from my past marathons all I basically do is Maybe a 6 miler on the Monday, then perhaps a 5 on Wed and maybe a 4 on Thursday (at a push) and that will definiately be it.  I wouldn't try and do any proper distances/hills/speedwork that week.  If you are not ready by then you never will be, and it's really just a case of keeping your legs ticking will do more harm than good if you try and do anything much on marathon week.  What you are suggesting is way too much in my opinion....What does evryone else think?



  • carterusmcarterusm ✭✭✭

    RR - I'm running South Yorkshire half this Sunday and I'm going for a PB in it. As such, I did a tempo run last night and I'm doing an interval session on Thursday (both will be a total of about 7 miles) and thats it for this week. By the time I start tapering for Manchester I will have done 5 runs of 20+ and several between 15-20 miles so I'm confident I've got enough miles in my legs to miss a LSR this weekend. I see it that I will be putting at least the same effort in by going for a PB in a HM than if I was running a LSR so dont feel as though I'm missing out. I've been averaging 45-50 miles per week since the new year.

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