Manchester Marathon 2013



  • Did Blackpool yest in prep for Manchester. was going to take it easy but ended up racing lol.

    Achieved my dream time (sub 3) with 2:59:47.

    Over the moon! My previous PB was in September and 3:27:27

    A long hard winters training has paid off, I can't stop smiling!

    Can't wait for Manchester now image

    Hope everyone enjoys tapering...don't go to mad lol

    Rebecca- you will get through it don't panic. Pace your race and enjoy the day.
  • Thank you so much for your quick replies and great advise! Rest and stretching it is then!

    I don't have any mates who run long distance and they all reckon I'm crazy so it's nice to be able to come here!

    Nice work Jedwards!!!
  • Jedwards - wow, very well done! well impressed

    Rebecca - I did my first on 1 x 18 mile run and complete rest for the last 3 weeks as my knee was hurting, so don't fret!

    Mu number still hasn't come image

    Carter - I really do hope you'll make it to the start

    The main thing now is staying healthy and keeping away from germs - which is not easy when I travel to work on a crowded bus!

  • Molly - not had my number as yet either so not worrying just yet

    Rebecca - sounds like rest and stretches are great advice although difficult when you're getting twitchy in the taper period. It's my first marathon too, I've only done 1 20 miler on the back of 4 18 milers before that. As people have stressed many times in this thread, believe in the training plan and believe in yourself

    Hoping that all those who have been really supportive for the last few months are fit enough for the race itself and able to perform to justify the training and achieve whatever goals they've set themselves, everyone has worked really hard and backed each other up

    Back to the early starts for me with a 16 miler tomorrow morning but given the lighter mornings I'm going to do the last 3 or 4 miles back down the towpath. Just hope I don't get back too late from the match tonite

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    RR, I'm hoping you are thoroughly disappointed with the match resultimage Should be a fun, although sadly meaningless game image

    Jedwards!!! Excellent work fella. I hope that you are celebrating in style.

    CUSM, is there no way you could just run it slower and enjoy the experience. You'll learn a lot as preparation for your next outing (autumn?). Of course if you are planning a sharp build to a race in May or June then you'd be better to not race but otherwise.... why not just give it a go. (Plus it means you know you can improve next time with a more consistent campaign)

    Rebecca, ditto what's been said above, just get to the start line feeling fresh and enjoy it.

    I ran 4 miles yesterday... On the road!! Best week of the year with 3 runs including a hilly offroad hour on Thursday. image I'm visiting the podiatrist on Friday - if he can give me a fix that enables me to run over an hour pain free, I might just give it a go on the 28th seeing as the good people at race HQ have sent me a number. 'Twould be rude not to!!
  • Jedwards - W O W!!!  Not surprised you're grinning like a Cheshire Cat after that performance - well done.  You'll have to answer the Professor's question about running two marathons in quick succession...

    Rebecca - rest up and resist the temptation to do too much too soon.  I learnt that the hard way during my first marathon, hence now tackling my second to prove that I can actually run one instead of hobble it!

    Andrew and Panda - I'm getting quite good at picking up fallen runners, so if you don't mind lying on the ground for an hour or so until I scamper by....Auntie Ninja to the rescue!

    Last 20 miler banked yesterday - a very slow one as it was mostly uphill, we stopped for a few chats with friends we passed on their own LSRs and my running partner had a blister, but it's done and dusted.  Slight ITB twinge but I put it down to a very sharp camber on the pavement on one stretch, and luckily it seems to be OK today.  I just want the next three weeks to fly by as soon as possible now - I hate all this waiting around!  Oh, and a number would help....

  • Really gutted for the folk with injuries. It is a "prefessional hazard" but so much effort goes into getting ready for one of these, it's a massive knee to the groin when your body lets you down.  I'm hoping to hell that mine behaves intself for the next 3 weeks.

    Jedwards - Flipping heck man!  That's a mamouth achievement, in a warm up race too!  Absolutely epic, well done.  I need to ask you, as i've spent a degree of this thread talking about this being a target of mine at some point, i'd be interested in what your 10k and HM times were coming into the sub 3?

  • Thanks for the comments guys image

    Strangely brown.... I ran The Stafford half marathon 3 weeks prior to yesterday in 1:23:23, I'm not sure what my 10k PB is as I haven't done one for a while, it was 41:30 last year but I'd smash that now image

    Yesterday was run on tired legs really, I ran a shit load of miles the week before, so I'm hoping now I'm on taper, I can maybe chip away at that time in Manchester!?

    You aiming sub 3 then mate?
  • Jesus. that's some going on tired legs and shows exactly what hard work can do for you.

    No mate, as I've said a lot, it's just not there.  I'm improving really quickly but not that quickly.  My HM PB is only 1.28 from Feb.  I'm sure i'd be quicker now but no way will i be 5 mins quicker and your sort of time is the sort of time I keep seeing people have before they go sub 3.  As I said to PM, i'd be made up with 3.15 but suspect it'll be more likely 3.20,  Who knows?  I may have a total mare and it could be a great deal slower than that.

    First marathons eh?  A voyage into the great unkown!

  • Well I ran the Taunton Half yesterday as a ''training run'' hoping to get my sub 2 hours at last with all this marathon training under my belt and came in a measly 22 seconds faster that the last time I ran it in 2009 at 2.05.26 image

    Gutted - not meant to be and I'm too past it now I think to ever beat it. Aching legs today and it was only 13 miles - what's that all about? Not happy!
  • Strangely brown- if it's your first marathon. PACE is crucial mate. Hold back to start with. Start off to quick and you'll have a mare.

    Seconds at the start cost minutes at the end
  • Northern Lass - 22 seconds is nearly half a minute!!!  Every bit helps surely - don't be despondent, be chuffed you can still run a half marathon. Don't know how old "past it" is but look around at those alot younger than you (I'm guessing) who can't even run for a bus!!   Have you done a marathon before?  This is my first (and I'm definitely past it at 51!!) and the butterflies have started already - it's going to be a long 3 weeks!!!

  • Well dome to Jedwards, that is brilliant man. I'm in a similar position to Strangely Brown with a HM PB of 1.28 (at Blackpool in Feb) so I won't be going close to 3 hours. In training I'm doing the same times for the long runs as i did last Autumn when I did a 3.15 marathon. 

    Thanks to everyone for the advice about knee injuries - I seemed to have opened up a can of worms there.

    Rebecca - I echoe what the others say and suggest rest more than anything - its too late to impove your fitness now especially for a first timer. Good luck with the knee injury.

    No running number for me yet. But i got the car park ticket - shame that it is spoiled with an unsightly stain bearing a red devil and a ship I think - can barely look at the ugly thing............



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    PM, I'm surprised that you are willing to soil you vehicle by parking it in that cesspit. A thorough deep clean will be required!
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    Whoop whoop!
  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Bugger, the rags fluke it again
  • I am in. 

    Going to shoot at my 3.35 PB at the Leicester Marathon last year!

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Order restored! image
  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭
    Welcome Ben. What's your running history? How has your campaign gone?
  • I mainly do ultras but I like to throw in a marathon now and again, just to check that I am getting faster. 

    I had a bit of a disaster at the Viking Way Ultra a week ago when I crashed out with hypothermia, so I don't know if I am going to be able to get my best form by 28 April.  Going to have to take it fairly easy over the next couple of weeks to recover. 

    Still, I will give it my best shot ans see what happens!

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    Which ultras have you done? I'd like to step up if I can resolve my injury issues. Fancy the look of Eco trail de Paris for next spring.
  • Sallymax - thanks for the words of encouragement. Yes it'll be my first marathon and like you I'm starting to get nervous but also looking forward to it. Just hope I get round in one piece.

    I'm 45 by the wayimage though the legs feel much older at the minute!
  • I have finished the following ultras:

    Northants ultra

    Nottingham ultra

    Thames Trott

    London ultra

    Compton Downland Challenge


    North Downs Way 100

    High Peak 40

    Thames Path 100

    Dukeries Ultra

    The Wall

    Lakeland 100

    Hardmoors 60

    Stort 30

    Winter 100

    If I can finish these events then I am sure that you can!

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    Geez, that's quite a list! Comrades and Lakeland 100 are both on my to do list. Which of the others would you recommend as an introduction?
  • As a starter ultra you would not go far wrong with the Northants Shires and Spires 35, Dukeries Ultra, Compton Downland Challenge, London Ultra, or Stort 30. 

    Comrades and Lakeland 100 happen to be the only two events where I wept when I finished, for whatever that is worth. 

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  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Jedwards can't believe you come in just under 3 a massive half hour improvement on your previous PB. What have you done differently to make that much of a difference ? How do you top that and imagine what you could do with a good taper! I think you deserve 3 weeks off now. You'll have to take your own advice not to set off too quickly, hope you're able to repeat your performance.

    Red panda very glad I didn't have to go to hospital and the bumps bruising and scrapes seem to be recovering well. Take care with your running! Did a double day today just 5k in the morning and same again this afternoon, both negative splits with no real problem or aches.

    At the weekend cutting down to half marathon distance will try to keep pace faster than race pace of 8:35. My half PB is 1:44:05 (7:56 pace avg) target is 3:44:59 for Manchester, during my taper my short runs usually get faster as my legs start to recover and in the last week I will be doing very little mileage and treating myself to a sports massage 45 mins on my legs image
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    Northern Lass, don't lose heart. I'm 44 and did my first HM three years ago in 2.04. Last November I got it down to 1.47, so it is definitely doable at 'our age'.

    Jedwards - much respect. Well done.

    PS - no number for me yet, either image
  • No number for me either booo!
  • No number for me yet either...

    Andrew Warrener.... Basically I've been following the p&d 55mile 18 week plan. I'm not sure if you've heard of it? It's been quite a lot for me to manage with work and family but stuck to it religiously. I don't think I could manage any more than that plan!! It gets difficult to avoid injuries for me.

    Thanks for the comments on my time in Blackpool image I'm thinking about trying out a little run tonight to get the legs moving again ?!
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