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  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    I like the sound of Edinburgh but a bit far for me for just a couple of days
  • A massive respect to the people at garmin, sent my watch to be fixed ( it was 7 or 8 years old ) a brick 305 they said £51 to fix it, got a phone call yesterday would i consider having a free upgrade well not free still got to pay the £51 its a 410 anyone got one of these think they are about £ 230 not bad for old watch!!

  • why isnt the manchester marathon noted on the events on runners world?

  • Edinburgh is a flat fast course but the weather can be bad as very exposed route. Hot this year freezing and wet previously.....what date is Manchester?

  • Manchester is 28th April

  • Hi

    Would anyone recommend this one to a first timer? I havent been a regular runner though did a couple of halfs this year . .just looking for another challenge and keep finding myself looking at the Manchester website. 
    Thanks for any help

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  • I have the sam dilema...did Liverpool (my first marathon!) on Sunday in 4 hours 4 mins, was hoping for sub 4, ideally sub 3:50 (GFA) but legs seized up at mile 20ish and I had no choice but to walk for a bit  ( I blame the hill!) So..MAnchester (I live there!) or Edinburgh? (in-laws live there)...choices choices,,,

  • I looked at Edinburgh Rachel and its supposed to be a very fast course but what is kind of putting me off is that its (I think!!) along a seafront and if the wind is in the wrong direction on race day then its likely to be a real killer as far as running a fast time is concerned.

    I did a HM along the seafront at Lythm St Annes this summer and what locals called a "light breeze" put about 6-7 minutes on my finishing time!!

  • Looking forwarsd to starting my training for Manchester after Xmas, I know it's going to come round quickly. Taking it a bit more relaxed for the next few months after The Great Eastern Half on Sunday and 10 months back to back training. Anyone else had a busy year?

  • Rdrunner Manchester used to be listed, lots of comments were left last year! I ran Manc and have run the Edingburgh half. The sea front was lovely, not windy and very beautiful with swans on the Forth. But what puts me off Edinburgh is that is is late May and often is very hot and lots of the course was up one road, turn round and come back. Not sure if this is still the same. Manc is doing a bit of that next year to avoid the Dun, underpass etc, bits that provided variety for me! I would like to enter Windermere but will probably go for the Marathon of the north which is on April 28th, same day as Manc. Good luck everyone" I have Tatton half on Nov 4th.

  • GazOC - Edinburgh not really along seafront it is along Firth of Forth and the twice I have done race I have faced one bit when wind hit me and that was 2 years ago when the storms hit Scotland. Most of the race is protected from the wind by tress and bushes either side of the road going along the Forth.

    Knight Rider - Yes first year I have done 2 Marathons so not really stopped since 1st week in January - looking forward to a months break in December (after Luton Marathon) before atarting again in January for Manchester.


  • EP, it was my first marathon this year, hard to say if recommend as the conditions were very difficult (heavy rain and wind). The course has changed as well for next year. But the support from the marshalls, water stations and crowd was brilliant even on such a hideous day. I was still running after 5hrs and was amazed to have public support right to the finishimage My tips would be to book Stretford high school car parking a head of time (£10), carry your own gels (the stations ran out), and check if  baggage storage has improved. I didn't use it last year but know it was a disaster! I wish I had taken my i pod (I obeyed the rules) and was driven to singing to myself near the end while battling the gales! Good luck with your decision. This is a great forumimage Also the  clear training programme by Julie was a deciding factor in choosing GMM. It is on the website, I followed it religiously and got to the finish in one piece!

  • EP - Have done alot of Marathons and did Manchester last year. taking the weather and bag pick up out of equation the rest of it was brilliant - the support was some of best I have seen (and I run GNR every year) the Marshalls were brilliant. There was even one part of course through Dunham Massey which was bogged down due to rain but they have taken that out this year just in case of bad weather - looking at new course I would say it will be a brilliant race.

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Lily of the valley, please note the changed start / finish at GMM 2013 outside Man Utd old Trafford stadium so plenty of car parking there (no real need for baggage handling)
  • good point, of course the start and finish have changed!


  • it's now the same place right, in the old trafford car park? i assume there will be meeting points so that i can find my mates easily.

  • I meant changed from last year!

  • I have signed up for this and it will be my first full marathon. I have done a couple of half's already and I am a little concerned about running without earphones. I train using nike plus and use it for pacing info. I also found that music can be really motivational in the tough times during the half's. Has anyone previously used one of the pacing teams? If so how did you find it?

  • apologies lily, i think i've left the "reading" part of my brain at home today.

  • WW I honestly think no one would have noticed if anyone had an i pod on, as the weather conditions were terrible. I usually run with one ear piece in so I can hear marshalls, react to the crowd etc. I did have to shout at one runner to move over who didn't hear an ambulance! Most races allow you to wear them sensibly! I didn't run with a pacing team but was aware of them. Good luck WW you will love the support and have the best feeling when you cross the finish line and someone hangs the medal round your neckimage

    No prob AgentGingerimage

  • Thought I had better pop in and say hello seeing as I signed up for it this morning. It will be my first Marathon n all, I reckon my target will be somewhere in the 2:55 ballpark, though I have a couple of half’s between now and then that should help me decide on a more specific target closer to the big day. Quite excited, I hope the weather plays ball next year and I will not be leaving any bags in the baggage area, I have a wife for carrying bags imageimage

    Gonna have a look at the logistics of the race, hotels, car parking, spectating etc. I will probably be back with questions before long.  

  • YD - found last year that if you can find hotel Brooklands/Sale area is good as Metro links into start are only 10 mins in and are regular. We stayed at a little B&B called Brooklands Lodge last year which was very good at ??65 a night and only 3 mins from Metro station. Also race goes past this hotel twice so good for fAmily etc with you. Don't be out off by the B&B bit as I am a snob when it comes to hotels and I found this one very good for money. Lots of hotels around that area and I can't stress how easy it is to get into Old Trafford from there.
  • Wobble Woman - paving teams last year were very good apparently although I did not use them a good mate did and he said they were spot on,they run an even race not a positive or negative split. I think you will be OK with earphones but look around at start and see how many other people are wearing them as they won't do anything if a lot doing it
  • I stayed in Altringham last year in a great little B&B, as long as you are near a metro stop, thats half the battle.

    WW: Don't worry about the headphones, nobody else seems to!image

    Might do the first half of the Liverpool double marathon on New Years Eve as a training run.image


  • I've entered!!! Wooo hooooo!!!

  • Hi all

    Thanks so much for the replies Lily, that was really helpful. The training plan looks doable too. I am going to be near the six hour region so still at the stage where I am wondering about doing any marathon (but I know what happens with little ideas like this) but thanks for the reassurance that Manchester has got lots of atmosphere!

    Bearsted Plodder - cheers, thanks so much  - you make it sound like a brilliant fun atmosphere

    Thanks to everyone else for advice on parking and B amd B  - its amazing what you can pick up. I like the idea of the Manchester one as its a great city, dates are good too and I bet the problems of 2012 will disappear

    Last question - is there a pill I can take to get me through the long runs and the CBA days . .? Seriously I now need to decide for definite if I really want to commit to all that training. How did you know you were ready?

    Thanks again image 


  • EP, book it. Then you HAVE to be ready!!!
  • Oooooh should I do it again?..... tempted.... when do you think it will sell out image

  • Not sure it will DeliH. I don't think it did last time...image

  • EP I would go for it....I never believed I could run a marathon (only took up running when I was 40!)  but after a couple of halfs wanted the new challenge. I stuck a copy of the plan on a wall and ticked off each run I did and time it took etc. Be proud of yourself. You will hopefully feel huge benefits in  and I truely believe if you train you can do it! As far as a pill I always had lovely treats when I had finished, lots of chocolate etc Also found gels and dextrose tablets helpful to take on longer runs. Good luck!

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