Manchester Marathon 2013



  • DeliH - Go for it

    runningrachel - well done and look forward to your comments on here

  • still undecided, manchester, edinburgh, manchester, but always seem to find myself back on the manchester website!!.  only thing that is a bonus for edinburgh is that there is a half on the same day and i have a couple of friends who want to just do a half... might have to see if i can persuade them to do a full!!!

  • Was stuck between Manchester or Edinburgh. Just signed up for Manchester, now I just need to spend the next 6months training. Ive recently done the nottingham half marathon, does anyone know of any good halfs between now and Manchester Marathon? Thanks.

  • Jason - Clowne HM is on 25/11. It's up t'north at J30 of M1

  • Stafford Half is a race I've enjoyed, Sunday 17th March next year. The week before is the Stafford 20 mile race.

  • Cheers guys, Clowne looks like a good one and cheap too.

  • Thanks again for the encouagement everyone! You all make it sound doable.  A marathon is such a major challenge and I admire everyone who has done one, its the first time I have ever considered it with excitement rather then complete awe and scariness (although I still feel that as well). 

    Gaz - you know, that sounds spot on.

    Lily - thanks, I do like ticking my runs off and cheers for the treats tip. I will embrace that tip!!

    I have now 'followed' this thread and its looking likely that I will book - pay day pending - this is good because I am giving myself some (more) time to reflect on it and plan.

    Cheers guys 


  • Thinking of doing this again purely because it's the most accessible/nearest to me without having to worry about travel, accommodation, etc.

    On the otherhand, would like to try a marathon i haven't run before.

    Decision, decisions....

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    This year I ran a Half in Leeds 3 weeks after London marathon and achieved a PB of 1:44:05. As GMM and Leeds are only 2 weeks apart do I have a chance to improve again and what'd be my strategy, recover 1 week after GMM and light exercise 1 week prior to Leeds half?
  • Hi all,

    Just signed up for this one. First marathon and only ever mabaged a 10k before. Looking at a time of about 5:15 according to the asics site so you're mostly out of my league but will be following the thread with interest. First run of the asics plan is tomorrow...

  • Does anyone know if Manchester do a 10k or half on the same day at all?

  • Rd - No they don't - just the Marathon

  • Craig - Doesn't matter what time you are aiming at this forum will help you all the way through your training. If you have any questions you just ask and someone on here will give you an answer and advice.

  • Craig, I agree with BP, fab forum. I ran GMM in 5.17 this year and really appreciated all the advice and encouragement on this forum. For a change I plan to enter the Marathon of the North next year on the same day as Manchester and am running the Tatton half on Nov 4th. I started threads for each of these but they are not nearly as active as this one! Good luckimage

  • I'm running the Tatton Half too with a view to running Manchester in 2013 (just need to get the half under my belt and decide on a marathon training plan and whether the approach I took to the half can be extended into training for a full marathon)

    I think the organisers have listened in terms of what was wrong with last year's race (I was at Sale Rugby club and saw much of the race go past as we trained).

    I think the weather was a big factor in colouring people's opinions against the race but the streets of the city centre could perhaps be utilised more (not sure whether cost is in an issue in terms of closures and policing or whether this is a Manchester Council versus Trafford Council issue)

    The removal of the Carrington/Partington stretch hasn't been a total positive as the decision to use more of Altrincham instead I think stems from the support on the streets for last year's race, it does however mean that runners will run the length of Brooklands road twice along with some of the training roads. These are roads I use in some of my training and they are quite straight and boring as opposed to some of the country lanes in and around Dunham.

    We'll see, can't complain when it's on my doorstep at the end of the day and drier if not too hot weather would make all the difference


  • i missed a place in the VLM ballot so am giving this run serious consideration. I've just done the Eindhoven Marathon in Holland - you can't find flatter than Holland - so it will be interesting to see just how flat it is!

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Thinking of getting a new Garmin for GMM. I currently have 305 and wanting the 610 with soft strap HRM. Am I best getting from Amazon at ??248 or on eBay from Tel Aviv same product but 1 year international warranty rather than UK for ??222. Is it worth the ??26 discount and does anyone know if there is any import duty from Israel????
  • Stick with Amazon, had my 405cx for 11 months, started showing signs of corrosion on charging contacts. I rang Amazon and they issued a replacement free of charge on express delivery. Had done over 1100km with it too. Now I have a brand new watch with another 12 months guarantee. Winner. Can't fault Amazon for customer service.
  • Andrew - you'd be nuts to purchase from Israel just to save ??26 when you're already forking out over ??200.

    Think of the hassle and problems if anything goes wrong. Amazon have excellent customer relations from my experience if anything goes wrong.
  • Rocky Robin - I know what you mean about Brooklands Road.  I've hated it when I've ran it in training - it couldn't be duller.  But it was a completely different experience in the marathon, with supporters and the added focus a race brings.  In contrast, country lanes can be great for training runs, but in the marathon I found them soul destroying.  In latter stages of a marathon I'd choose support over scenery.

    I think you're right about the organisers listening to criticism, and whilst I am critical of this year's race, I am confident that 2013 is going to be excellent.

  • Entered this, my first marathon.  Excited but staring down the barrel of a long, cold and hard winter of training.

    Soft aim in sub 3.30.  Hard aim is sub 3.15.

    5k and 10k times say it can be done so time to put the theory to the test!

  • Entered last year and wimped out. Just entered again, I might just do it this time!

  • Strangely Brown - you hitting 40 minute 10km? If so 3:15 should be achievable with proper training.
  • Strangely Brown they are great times to aim for whats your half times?

    Good luck with the training matey!

  • I got 3:16 at Manchester last year off a 42 minute 10K PB but all my training was for the marathon, not 10K. ie. lots of long slow miles and minimal interval training.

  • Wish I could do those sort of times off my 43 minutes 10K but best for me is 3:52
  • 37mins 10km, 1:23 half, marathon??. Aiming sub 3hr. We'll see.
  • Heads up Wilmslow half marathon entries open.....

  • I've entered, having ummed and ahhed about the variable reviews, but really need a flat one for a pb after doing mostly trail stuff.  Used to work at Withington and run along the Mersey and Chorlton Water Park many years ago, so will be exciting to return.  

    Andrew - I have a 610 from Amazon.  Works well now, but it packed up for no reason after a few months.  I emailed Garmin with the Amazon receipt; they gave me a freepost code to send it back.  A new one was with me 2 days later.  Brilliant service, but I think unlikely if from Tel Aviv.  Lots of people have issues with them, so the customer service needs to be rock solid.  (Unlike Nike - gr&^%%*&*!!!)

  • Andy-W-Andy-W- ✭✭✭
    Thanks for all the advice re Garmin 610. Yes, Amazon it will be. Selling my 305 on eBay then will treat myself.
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