garmin 410 as just a hrm

Hi, I as wondering if the 410 can be used in the gym without a footpod and GPS turned off to just record heart rate over a session? I don't want it to log my distance as 0 metres, I'd prefer to just have the hr data. Does anyone know if this is possible?


  • don't see why not. Turn the gps off and give it a go

  • I don't own one yet I'm afraid, it's top of my list but I just want to check it can do this or I'll have to rethink.
  • you might want to check out the review on this site:

    before buying - it is pretty in depth, and he has reviews of most of the other garmin devices as well

  • Yes, it can just log your heart rate.
  • Thanks Carlos.

    Thanks mathschick for the link, I've read most of it already. I can understand the frustrations with the bezel, and if the 210 was significantly cheaper I may have gone for it. But I can get the 410 on amazon for less than the 210 and the virtual pacer is a big draw for me.

    However, I'm now torn between the 410 and the FR60 with a footpod...
  • Yes.  Just say don't use indoors then I think it still does hrm and time... Just check it in your living room say no to use indoors and then run on the spot for 5 min and sync it and see.

  • Thanks guys, have placed my order.

  • If you're not using the GPS facility why not go for the FR60 or a cheaper model, they all do HRM functions with the calorie burn calculation and is Ant+ and can be logged with PC software or Garmin Connect web logging.

  • Hi Running,

    I will be using the GPS, very frequently, but I'd like the option not to so I can just record heart-rate while in the gym doing circuits or on a stationary bike. I was worried about it uploading 0 miles data on connect or trying to get a gps lock inside the building and stopping me using it. The main draw for me was the advanced workouts and virtual partner tying into set courses, something the FR60 can't do.

  • Go for the 410.

    I use my 405 for spin classes several times a week. As long as you ignore the bizarre route in draws based on the GPS variation it's great. I think the 410 copes better and might even give you a calorie count.

  • Thanks Colin, it should arrive today. Although no doubt I'll have to pick it up from the post office at the weekend unless some nice neighbour is in to get it for me...

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