The Avenger - half iron Warwickshire 23.6.13

Flyer left on my screen at Warwick Tri today. 

Weather might be nice for it?


  • Really wanted to do this, because its just down the road from where I grew up. We used to go there to for a treat, because there was a wicked adventure play area there. Bit too near to Outlaw, methinks, and I'm not sure about hills ...? image

  • Returned to tri after a .....welll about a 17 year absence.

    In for a penny etc, so I've enlisted for the Avenger. Lots of work to do between now and then, but hopefully I'll manage to get around.

  • Squish and I are in; it's only 5 miles down the road, so it would be rude not to...

  • ...and the bike course comes past our house...twice image

    Nothing too hilly, but a few undulations. Should be good fun!

  • OK, it's tomorrow and it's windy... hey ho!

  • soon be time to register and check out the off-road run

  • Yes; yes it will be.

    (why we're not having this conversation out loud, I have no idea; ATOm is sitting about 6' away from me...)

  • Race well Pierights  image

  • Good luck for tomorrow, look forward to hearing about it image

  • Yippe Ki Yay! I got round and some perverce sort of way enjoyed it. Totally enjoyed the pirate tribute on the cycle route, kept me smiling for miles.

    Hmmmm, what next?


  • Glad you enjoyed the decoration image Well done on your finish (and to the mighty ATOM too!)

    I was ill and didn't start; Squish was ill on the bike and pulled out. The run was by all reports a bit lumpy and not ideal underfoot; more of a proper XC than the advertised trail... but it's a great bike loop and the lake was warm (relatively!). Hopefully they'll put it on again next year!

  • Interesting to see if it goes ahead next year seeing as the organisers have jeopardised Evesham Tri Clubs future swimming sessions at Ragley!


  • How so ?
  • They turned up to reccie the lake last tuesday evening.  They were asked to log in and out in the same way the swimmers do but proceeded to ignore all requests and then go out on the lake in a canoe taking a child apparently with no life jacket on.  Due to this the lifeguards withdrew water support

  • That seems a bit silly and foolish of them - but I don't see how it should reflect back on the Tri Club ?
  • Think the water support thought someone from the Tri Club should have "taken responsibility" and done more to stop them.  All a bit awkward and hope it can be resolved as it's a fab swimming location

  • Sounds a great facility. The OW swims I've seen havent lifeguards as such - one lake - the 'lifeguard' was one lad in a boat to cover the whole lake and most of the time he wasn't even in the boat - he was on land gabbing. Which didnt help when someone got wrapped in fishing line....

    There's another organised swim where the swimmers disappear from sight off round the edge of a dock. No safety cover round there at all. Some of them are just accidents waiting to happen.
  • Raceways aren't the tri club, are they? As in Evesham Vale aren't organised by the same people who put the event on? That would really make it the responsibility of the water support to deny them access...

  • But it occured during an Evesham Tri club session so that may be where the issue of responsibility occurs.  Dont' have the full dialogue just what we saw on the tuesday night so don't want to speculate too much!


  • Maybe the organisers had the agreement of Ragley's owner to have access to the lake at any time? In which case, it wouldn't have been the tri club's place to stop them...


    Can't see it being a make or break thing for the OW swimming (he said hopefully)

  • Who's this fine specimin my wife snapped? 




  • Saw this on the EVT website

    "Open water sessions at Ragley Hall have been cancelled until further notice  Sorry for this disappointing news Sara"

    Hope they get it sorted soon, its a great spot

  • Hi All, 

    Joanna from Raceways/The Avenger here. 

    Just to confirm that the cancellations of open water swimming sessions at Ragley Hall is not due to the actions of any members of the Raceways team. The swim sessions have been cancelled due to issues between Aztec (water/swim support) and Evesham Vale Triathletes. 

    Hope you all enjoyed the race and will be back again next year 

  • Apropos of nothing, the idea of needing lifeguards at an OW swim session where you can mostly stand up is pretty comical...and it's not easy to sink in a wetsuit.

    I'd quite happily swim anywhere as long as I had a buddy to keep an eye.

    Shame there's been a fall-out; hopefully it can be resolved soon.

    Triathlon is going the way that all sports go as they mature; down the road of excessive regulation. It's a crying shame.

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