First half marathon 2 weeks today - advice greatly welcomed

Hi all, hope I'm posting in the right place. I realise there's loads of advice already on here and hope you don't mind me asking for specific personal advice.

I'm 56 and have only taken up running 6 weeks ago. I didn't expect to get on as well as I have but in that time, by running 3 times a week, I have progressed from jogging a mile or so to running 10 miles last weekend and 12 miles yesterday.

So, I've entered the Leicester half marathon on 14th October!

I'm pretty heavy legged after yesterday and don't want to run myself into the ground before the race. Neither do I want to ease off the training and struggle on the big day.

I'd welcome any advice on what training - running or gym work - I should now do prior to race day.

Do I need to put in another long run to keep myself "topped up"?

I've been doing a few interval runs to improve general fitness - should I continue with these?

Thanks in advance.








  • I think yesterday's run should be your longest run brfore the half marathon. Ease up a bit this week, and do a run of 6-8 miles at the weekend. Take it easy next week too, and I'd have 2 or 3 days off running before the race.

    Good luck.

  • I doubt you "need" a long run for physiological reasons as there is not really enough time for your body to adapt to it before the HM, but it can pay off psychologically big time. Make sure you recover fully before the race and don't overtrain - check out some HM schedules on the site to see what the last two weeks and tapers are like. (Disclaimer, I've only done 3 halfs but massively improved this time after following a proper schedule).
  • I think you could probably do another long run as long as you do it at least a week before the race and take it easy in the week leading up to the race.
  • Don't do another long run before the race - as Alison says, run maybe 6-8 miles as your long run next weekend. Yes, keep up with the interval sessions, but stop if something starts twinging (if I get injured it's always speed work that does it, not distance). The last week, reduce what you're running, and the last couple of days before, rest, with just maybe one or two miles jog the day before the race.

    Remember, this is your first HM, so it's going to be a PB whatever time you finish in. Don't set off too fast on the day: if you've run 12 miles you can run 13.1, but if you try to go too fast you're more likely to mess up. Also, if things do go pear-shaped for whatever reason, remember you can always walk for a few minutes then start running again.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for the advice and support everyone, it's really helpful to hear your views and experiences.  


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