Training plans

Have read through other forum posts about this but can't find a definitive answer! I am running the Llanelli marathon next April. I am an experienced runner, times for 10k at 44 and HM at 145. I feel I fit in in between the basic RW training plans of 'get round first time' and 'intermediate'. I currently run around 24 miles over 3 sessions ( 13 mile long run) with commute to work on bike of about 30 miles pw. I am not sure which plan to go for but don't want to over train. I need to keep up the bike on some days , can I drop a mid week run as a cross train? I understand all the ' don't lose running mileage' stuff but feel I have a pretty good base. Any advice would be greatly appreciated . I'd also like to get close to 330 for the race!


  • Cycling to work 30 miles per week ? So 6 miles per day ? 3 miles each way.

    That shouldn't take too much out of you at all.

    I'd ignore it for training purposes and carry on with the running schedule - running miles are vital.
  • Thanks for getting back. Well it's 5 each way over 3 days, 10 a day. Ideally I'd run to work but no shower the other end. Think I will try a few weeks doing it all and see perhaps .
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