Persistant Calf Injuries

I am a 32 year old soccer player who occasionally runs inbetween to keep / stay fit.  I never had an injury up until i was 25, but have had a couple a year since.

2 years ago I tore my calf pretty badly (Grade 2) and have had niggly issues with that calf ever since, I cant seem to get over the issue.  Just today in went to go for a jog and got to 1km before the outer part of my calf became tight and sore, so I walked back home.

Can anyone recommend some kind of recovery plan

 to get me going again, sooooo frustrating......


  • Have you been to a physio and got some treatment and advice regarding exercises and stretching? Or had a sports massage? Or even done some self-massage of the calf?

  • Have done all of the above many times....
  • Its a sad fact that some injuries are very hard to come back from. They become things you have to learn to live with. I had a problem with my sciatic nerve in my lower back. No matter how many physios I saw or exercise I did, it always returns. One thing I found that did help was making sure that I kept a good diet with lots of vitamins.

    Hope you get it sorted.


  • It might be worth seeing if you can get an MRI to see if that initial tear ever actually heeled. Also, look at your running form: is the way you are running (e.g. excessive heel striking) putting a lot of pressure on your calf muscle and causing it to be exceptionally tight or imbalanced making it more prone to picking up problems?

  • Okay - had to ask. Sympathies. It may be worth seeing if you can get refered for proper investigation (good luck with that!). Meanwhile all I can suggest is self-massage (hands or with a tennis ball, or "The Stick" or a foam roller - whatever works for you), and stretches. Maybe try wearing compression calf sleeves to give support to the muscle?

  • A foam roller sorted out (within a month!) a persistent calf problem I had had for 7+ years. Was bloody agony to begin with but I stuck with it and it really did the trick.

  • I have calf problems too at the moment. I don't find my foam roller gets deep enough on them, but a ball under them certainly does the job.

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