Nike GPS watch

Hi i've had this watch since April and quite happy with it since it's easy enough to use. the only problem i can't figure out is the current pace. For example, i set the watch on interval training - 20min at 4.45/km, 3 min rest*6 - and the first set was fine since i looked at the average speed and it read 4.45/km. then i did the 3min rest and started on my 2nd session of 20min. i followed the current pace which read 4.45/km. when i uploaded, the 2nd to 6th sessions were all off by around 30sec reading my average pace as 5.15/km (or there abouts!). i can't stay on the average speed because the average takes into consideration the 3min rest speed as well. so what's up!? am i reading the current pace wrongly? am i supposed to take into account a 30sec difference and run that much faster? anyone else have this problem pls? i dont' want to change the watch because i do really like it but this is driving me crazy.

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