Spotted Loads of Pirates In This 2007 Ballbuster Video

I was looking for Ballbuster videos and pictues as I am thinking about training for the Spring one over this Winter. I spotted LOADS of Pirates in this clip!

I like those gilet things ethey are wearing over their running tops. I was wondering if any of you lot are in this video?



  • I can't view it from here but if it's the one I think it is then I'm in it.

    Gilet?  I wear my pirate monaco over a helly long-sleeved top.  It's in November, it's flippin' cold!

  • What's a monaco? These looked like sleeveless tops which zip up at the front. One chap was wearing it without anything underneath. The others were wearing them on top of long sleeved tops. My favourite bit is the lady pirate who gets interviewed at the finishing line and who comments that it is rather hilly image

  • Hmmmm.... could do a spring ballbuster this year...  Could do a Dave and do it instead of a long run... image

  • I'm definitely going to introduce hill work in to my VLM training and start cycling up hills on my non-running days with a view to the Spring Ballbuster. This would be my first ever multi-discipline race and my first bike race all in one image 

    Would I be able to compete in Pirate colours or do you have to have done an Ironman for that? image I want one of those Monaco/Gilet thingies! 

    Does this event tend to sell out?

  • Tortuga wrote (see)

    What's a monaco?


    Tortuga wrote (see)

    These looked like sleeveless tops which zip up at the front. 

    Yes, that would be them.  Imagine a trisuit as separate top & bottom halves.  The top is a monaco.  More information on Schmunks' pirate kit thread.

    The spring ballbuster doesn't usually fill, but there'll be a closing date for entries and you can't enter on the day.  As AH has hinted, I usually do it as a pre-VLM race.

  • OK well that's sealed it. I'll plan to do it in my VLM run up too image 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭

    Your link's not working, but if it's this one, I think this is the first time I've seen CRaB lost for words!  image

    I think my biggest worry is keeping enough blood circulating in my fingers and toes so that I can actually change footwear in transition.  Are you allowed personal dressers??  image

  • The year it rained, when TR did it, my feet got so cold on the bike they were numb through the whole second run, couldn't feel a thing.  Elastic laces really help, you can get shoes on without functioning fingers.

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