What is realistic?

Here's my situation. I'm not a complete newbie - I've run three half marathons, and one full marathon, and have a place at Tatton HM in a month. Unfortunately, I've been suffering with plantar fasciitis, for the past six weeks or so: nothing terrible, but I want to give it a chance to go away. I've kept off my feet most of the time, and have been out on the bike and swum a lot more (even contemplating a tri now), and feel pretty good cardio-vascularly (is that a word?).

Anyway, the PF seems to have pretty much gone, so I am wondering if I am in any position to build up the running again in time to run at Tatton. I was running about 25 miles a week, but obviously would not go straight back to that. Any thoughts? Am I risking the PF flaring up again? What are the chances of me being reasonably race fit in a month?


  • I reckon you can do it on what base you already have but don't expect it to be as easy as normal.  and check out how the PF feels as you get back into running - that maybe the key decider for you.

    I'm a fellow PF sufferer - since January - and I'm starting to get back into more running now with some new shoes which seem to be helping (Hoka).  the PF hasn't gone away entirely, I'm just managing it better.  if your PF doesn't flare up when running then you should be fine but be prepared for some post-race PF coming back.

  • Dan: How do you feel running now? How comfortable does it feel and for how far?

  • Feels fine whilst actually running, particularly after a bike ride, when the leg is fully stretched out. A little pain afterwards, but nothing terrible. I'm doing teh strecthes my physio suggested as well.


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