MBNA Chester Marathon 2012


 i started a new thread for this as to not interrupt the original one. Basically a mate of mine thought he'd entered this and has done all his training. His race pack never arrived and after contacting the organisers theyve looked into it and realised he's registered but never finished the payment off!! The only way they'll let him in now is if someone withdraws and he will pay the person withdrawing direct.

If anybody out there can't make it could you please contact me and i will give you Lindas number(one of the race organisers) and she will provide you with all details with the transfer, you will get your full money back

thanks very much


  • Hi Boothy,


    I've sent you a message..





  • Hi i am also looking to run but no spaces left so if anyone has a place but is not running it can be arranged that i pay you for your pack and ill let the event organisers know we have swapped etc. Please get in touch.


  • John, check the Chester marathon Facebook page. Theres been a few places been advertised there.
  • hi all, thanks for the help. I can confirm that i have now a place sorted. Linda contacted me with a non runner from nantwich so my mate is now sorted. John could you please contact Karen(as above) and try and sort your entry out there. Hopefully you will both sort out your problems

    Thanks again everyone

  • I've got a number going, I'm injured. Inbox me if you're interested
  • plus I'll accept ??30 for it
  • ooh didnt realise there is a FB chester page, has everyone got sorted with  numbers now?

  • I've still got one I need to get rid of : (
  • Me too, broken ankle image

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