merthyr mawr pudding race

The best race of the year............just before strat by running/ crawling up the biggest sanddune in europe.............sun, sea sand.and a christmnas pudding...and sherry and mince pies on route..............what could be better


  • Tempted .... very tempted ... didn't stop for sherry last time, what a waste!

  • we have entered....I keep on forgetting to stop for the sherryimage

  • I'm entered too image

    ... I've just rem'd just how cold that stream at the end is image

  • its been too dry the last few times..........if the rain leeps up like this we will need a wetsuitimage

  • I've missed out! And all those times I've walked the dunes to go powerkiting on the beach, never knew there was a race!
  • B Line.rememeber to look out for the race at the end of september  next year .it sells out quickly but is definitely one to doimage

  • Well that was fun! image

  • did my first pudding run yesterday. what a fantastic race on a varied & scenic course!

     this year (2013), it sold out within 3½ HOURS of entries opening. luckily i was one of those that got the deed done in those mad few hours.

     deffo one to do again and again.

  • Always favourite race of the year for me. Great result for me and the wife 1st vet and 1st to the top of big dipper for me and the wife was1st lady and 1st to the top of dipper.

    All adding up to £240 in Run & Become vouchers, 4 bottles of wine and a crate of beer for male team prizeimage

  • great Christmas present there.......

    I believe your wife has been running really well this year.she must have amassed a fair few prizes.....

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