Numb hands

I did a sprint tri yesterday, and after a few miles on the drops I found my fingers were going numb. Any thoughts?  


  • cold, vibration, gloves, nerve pinch - could be a combination of those

  • Bad seat position- putting too much weight forward onto your hands?

  • If it hasn't happened before it's probably the colder weather, but any of the things the others mention could be contributing.

    Either that or old age... image

  • I have Reynards and get this a lot, I always wear fingerless gloves on the bike and run which helps.

    I may have to go for arm warmers to as I'm now getting a patch on my left forarm that goes numb to.

    As long as feeling returns within a few hours you're fine, well that's what my GP says anyway.

  • Cheerful Dave wrote (see)

    Either that or old age... image

    Well I am getting on a bit... image

    It's not happened before, so maybe it was just the weather. Although I have wondered about the bike fit - I think a trip to the local bike shop is in order image

    It was a really weird sensation though! I shifted my left hand and thought 'oh, what's that I'm touching?' And then I realised it was my index finger. I couldn't feel it at all image

  • Sarah does your hand look a normal colour when this happens.

    If it looks a normal colour then it's nerves causing it so bike fit would be  a good start, if it look a funny colour then it will be circulation so you need to look at layers for warmth.

    This is my hand after 2 mins in the north sea this summer. Ewwwww



  • I believe it's a sympton of gonorrhea, Sarah image.

  • Gonorrhea? Nice. As long as it's not syphilis! 

  • It does sound more like nerves doesn't it - was it particularly cold where you were yesterday - I'd have thought if you don't have a history of cold fingers then it wasn't really cold enough to have that effect.   

    One cure might be learn to ride on clip on tri bars.

  • perhaps the women with numb hands could help out the men suffering from penile numbness.



  • I have womens hands?

  • you can join in if you really want to i suppose.

  • I imagine that combining numb hands with a numb penis would be rather disappointing all round!

    I can't say I paid too much attention to whether my fingers were pale/blue. I'll have a look next time I'm out on the bike. It was incredibly windy yesterday, but I didn't feel cold as such. I'm leaning towards excess pressure through my hands. 

  • If they go numb through Raynauds, you can't always feel them as cold and the rest of my hands stay a normal colour as you can see, unlike Alibears. Equally, I find that bits that go numb behave similarly. I would suggest have a look next time as you say.

    If they go Raynauds numb, you can restore circulation by doing windmills with your hands for a bit but long term might be better to see GP? I have some magic tablets that open up the blood vessels and stop it from happening.

    I was at Stratford yesterday, looked out for you and Cake but didn't spot you though there was a blurred pirate in the water must have started about 09.05. Had my pirate jacket on but raced in a non pirate trisuit. Unless you are trying to tell me something!!!

  • I think that pirate was Donald (I'm not sure if that's his real or forum name!) - he was a bit speedy image What time did you start? I didn't spot you! 

  • Ohh drugs you say Dustboy, might have to go back to the GP and enquire. It might help if I learn to spell it right image

  • I was 9.22 ish start. What time were you and Cake off?

    Re drugs, yes talk to the GP, but they have been very useful in tiny doses throughout the winter months.

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