Life After Tri?

Hello Chaps!

 I completed the Sprint Warwickshire event yesterday, and, as ever, was near the back! The swim was like being in a washing machine, in places, and the bike was windy. I also spent the run struggling to breathe, I seem to get Exercised Induced Asthma only when I do tri. So I didn't have a Splendid Day. I am kind of fed up with finishing events near the back, and there wasn't a particularly supportive atmosphere yesterday like there sometimes is. I also struggle with anxiety and all of the above led to a rather panicky afternoon!

Any ideas what could follow on from a brief stint at Tri? I have been doing sprint events on and off since 2007 and have made progress in swimming, but am currently struggling with a chlorine intolerance. It has been so bad I have been thinking about hanging up my goggles, although I do enjoy swimming, I will never be much better!  I love cycling but am still very slow at running. I am not very competative, and for a long haul event like marathon, but slowness does not matter so much!

I have my third marathon booked for next Spring, so the training for that will take me through the winter. I am planning ahead and wondered if anyone has any bright ideas as to what I might enjoy more than triathlon for 2013? I am OK at cycling. I love being this fit and like to have an event planned to keep my motivation there for training. So I want to continue with working out at some level, but as I work four days a week and have lots of other commitments, I do not have hours and hours to devote to exercise. 

Dualathlon? Gym bunny?!  

Any ideas very gratefully received!



  • I've never heard much evidence of "Life During Tri" so you may be well out of it image.

    If most of your misery stems from swimming, why not have a go at the du's. Can't harm. But if most of the misery is due to a lack of a supportive and encouraging environment, probably best to give them a miss. Have you considered joining a cycling club? The ones around my way look like they combine sociability and effort perfectly.

    Good look, whichever path you end up taking. 

  • I also suffer with chlorine intolerance but since using Beconase spray before and after swimming, it's dramatically reduced.  have you tried this as a solution??  that may help you get the swimming mojo back.

    yes, duathlons could be a way forward if you want to pack in swimming but how about becoming a BTF official and start reffing events??  that way you still get the buzz of the event but without the exertion and it's a great way of staying involved and pick other sports to fill in the rest of the time

  • Fox did the tri yesterday as well it felt like everyone was fed up with the wind and missible. Even I struggled to get some banter going. image Have your throught about sportives as well? There are some good ones for next year and one in london next august that might be good when they give details.

    On a personal note are you a bloke around the 400 number mark yesterday? asking because say someone in some touble in the pool and got a bit worried about them

  • Thank you so much for your responses. Mr Cake I am a lady with a 600 or so number and struggled all the way through!! I just looked at the results, I was happy with being in the last 20%, my bro is in the top 20%! He appears to getting faster while I am slowing down! He is a Pirate too!

    I will try the Beconaze nose spray again, I bought one and tried it once to no great effect but can give it another shot! 

    Will also look into all other suggested options. Thanks again chaps! 

  • I've read this through a few times. I was at Stratford as well yesterday. Agreed the atmosphere wasn't quite what it has been in the past. Probably lack of pirates! 

    The pool was a bit manic, I got kicked in the ribs (he did say sorry though) so got a bit winded and my mate was pushed out of the way on exit from the pool. 

    If you love the cycling and don't mind the running, have you done much open water swimming? No chlorine and generally a much easier ride at the back if you stay out of the way. Yes, there can be anxiety issues, but taking your time and gentle practice help enormously. And ( I am going to risk some verbal here), etiquette in open water seems better (apart from at the front or in the washing machine). Maybe that's down to it being less of the first timers and more respect for the beginner I don't know.

    Just a thought. 

  • another thought is : before you give up on tri - have you joined a tri club? your anxiety may be alleviated from having club members (people you know) around you at events plus the club might be able to give you some pointers on your swimming.

    you say you work 4 days a week, many on here work and have hectic life styles, its training smart, not how many hours you put in - hope you find what your looking for. 

  • I would just give up on the pool and swim open water all the chlorine problemsimage

  • Thank you fellas! I have found a swim fit sess in the town where I work that triathletes from the nearest club attend on a Friday evening so I will give that a shot this week armed with my Beconaze spray and anti histamines! I also have a half booked in Oxford a week Sunday so this will give me a good chance to be objective about the contrast in events between tri and running. I swore after London this year I would never repeat the experience as I could have cheerfully hurled for England during the final 6 miles but too soon after I was planning my comeback!! My logic then being the majority of the marathon was jolly, as was the majority of the training. 

    I guess it's like having a baby, in time you forget most of the pantiness and go back for more only to be struck with the worst kind of shocking realization at the outset of a second labour that, actually, it's jolly painful and what follows is pretty dire. 

    But, Hey how! They're teenagers now and fabulous really!!

    So, to conclude, I have not concluded!! Shall see how nose behaves, see how legs behave, and ultimately see what seems jolliest! 

    Thanks again for input, gratefully received. image 

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