Cotswold Race The Train

Looking at the video on the website for this event the paths seem to be very narrow and over grown.

Does anyone have any local knowledge they wish to share.

Are the trails generally wide enough to keep a pace or is there lots of weaving and jumping to be done to avoid vegetation etc?

I expect a degree of dancing about, it is trail running after all, but if I have 5 miles of it then I'm never going to keep 8 min miles.

Cheers Graham


  • Hi Graham

    There are a few short sections where the path is narrow and slightly over grown (probably around half a mile altogether) but the vast majority of the run is across open fields.

    Hope this helps!

    Best wishes



  • Looks really good. 

    I have 'till October to improve from 10-min-miles to 8-min-miles!

  • Does anyone know whether the race the train is going ahead on 12th October or has it been postponed until April 2014?

  • Looks like it's the April 2014 event is next. I've just signed up - though there's not a lot of info at the moment. 

  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭

    They've canceled. Poor do really. I don't suppose it helped that they canceled last year, then didn't provide much info on this year's event, and Wild Boar didn't promote it enough. Well, I've booked the hotel, so I'll have a hunt around for what else is available around Cheltenham.

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