Manchester Marathon (28th April 2013)

I entered this weekend. 30 weeks to prepare. Hoping it feels as flat as they have advertised and that they sort out the mess with the bags that they had in 2012.

Anyone else running this?


  • Thinking of it, done a few halfs but havent even got into the routine of regular running. Woudl you recommend as a good first marathon? 


  • there's another, more popular thread on the MCR 2013 marathon, where the various merits are discussed by some people who have done it, and some who plan to do it next year. I fall into the latter category, so can't say whether it'd be good for a first i'm afraid.

  • I've just entered!! image

  • I did Chester marathon this year in October,  Fantastic, definitely great 1st marathon

  • Envious plodder: I ran M'cr last year as my first marathon and I'd say it's a good one, unless you prefer undulating terrain - it's very flat. The support last year from local residents was fantastic, despite the abominable weather. The race organisers do appear to have listened to last year's complains so I think the baggage will be better organised. And the weather is almost certain to be better than last year!

    If you're wanting to do this, then start training NOW, increasing your mileage and the length of your long runs. If you want to follow a schedule closer to the race, then whichever schedule you choose, (a) when you start the scedule you want to already be running at least as much as it says you need to run in the first week, and preferably more; (b) start the schedule at least two weeks early (e.g. start a 16-week schedule 18 weeks before the race) to allow for illness/injury time. If you don't need the time off, you can always repeat a couple of weeks late in the schedule and be better trained than you would have been otherwise.

  • Thanks for the advice Deborah.Thats really sound. Am going to build up regular running and mileage, then see about entering. Absolutely agree about starting at a better point then the training plan...these plans seem to jump quickly so seems a great idea to be comfortable with basics. So have got a training plan to do 15 to 20 miles a week from now till Xmas rather then just pulling runs out the bag.

    Thanks for replying too Agent, good luck with your training

    Cheers John a lot, will check out Chester too.

    Good luck with your training Rachel too image

    Thanks all

  • I'm in for this, hoping for 4:30hrs current PB is 5:01.

    Just ticking over with the miles at the moment - averaging about 20ish miles and then start the plan from Jan.


  • Think may have a go at this one. As odd as it sounds realy enjoyed vlm training last winter- I hate winter and training made it whizz by. If I can sort a bit of Achilles niggle then I'm in
  • I've just entered god the weather was rough last time it can't be as bad can it? Finished in 3.22 hoping for a sub 3hr if training goes to plan!
  • Looking to do it, just done preston guild as my first did 3:41. So hoping to do sub 3:30. Still got heavy legs feel like I've lost the pace a bit. So a little out of love with running at mo even tho I've carried on. Thinking its been a long year & next goal feels along way away
  • Rob, maybe you should try something totally different for a month or so, e.g. trail running or cross-country. Just go out and enjoy yourself, explore the local coutryside, forget the speed training etc. and just enjoy running. Do a local parkrun if you want a challenge, or find a 10K trail race or something.

  • Rob - As Debra says, try some different types of runs, esp. now whilst you got some time before your training plan starts in Jan. I find when I've got no goals it's good to run 'naked' ie no garmin/stopwatch, and just run for fun. It's a bit of a holiday from the set paces/targets of a mara training plan.

    Rob - Good luck with the sub 3:30 / 8mmp target. I'm aiming for that to, but off a 3:52 at Manchester this year. I reackon without the crap weather/mudfest I was on pace for about 3:45.

    Ant B1- Looking forward to hearing how you get on for a speedy sub3:00.
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