blue lips

when i got home from a half yesterday i noticed my lips were grey/blue colour. the week previuse i had a chesty cough. Iv got kilomarathon on 28th and wondered if others have ever noticed this before. i hate dr as feel like im wasting there time as so hard to even get see one. just hoping it was a one off being ill as never happened before and been running since 06


  • Lets hope that the Doctor doesn't think you are wasting his IM's hen you collapse and get dragged in
  • didnt feel ill or owt with it. i was told by my running club its not advised to run with chesty cough due to heart being over worked so hoping it is just one off


  • went to the dr and i have a really bad chest infection which im on 500g amoxcillin for. been taking for 4 days so far and still dont want shift. He checked my heart to and said that it was fine. Now iv got decide if to do kilomarathon in 3 weeks as at the mo i cant run with my chest still bad. Really getting me down

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