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I have signed up for my first Ironman (UK) and will be following the Be Iron Fit 30 week programme which means starting in January however I do not want to waste time between now and then. I have started training 6 days a week but would like advice on how best to spend the training time, all additional base training, split between build & base etc. All advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Work out your strengths and weaknesses so you know what to focus on have some free training plans for bike/run specific base plans

    If you are confident on your abilities then you could start the plans a little early and repeat the weeks until the plan catches you up, this gives you structure without going all out early season

  • 30 weeks is a LONG time to train hard and remain focused. If it were me (as it is at the moment with even longer to Henley!) I would have some fun and not get too focused on the IM. I've got a vague plan to run a decent (for me) half mara in Feb to keep me with a gently focus, but its not even a B race, just a fun target. 

    Have some fun til then, unless you are very new, in which case listen to the witch above! image  

    You wont go wrong if you focus on base endurance across the three disciplines IMO.

  • Yeah my pals speak a lot of sense.

    30 weeks is a long time. 43 weeks even more.

    Unless you're incredibly dedicated you'll get bored with all the training.

    Get some smaller races in the diary - half marathons. Sportives. Have fun doing those. You'll be getting fitter without going full gas.

    6 days a week is an awful lot to do through winter.
  • if you got a turbo then you are sorted for all 3 disciplines during winter, if not, i would do a good bit of swimming and loads of 70% max HR running,( if you can do it injury free) the very light endurance stuff will increase and strengthen your capillaries and lungs making your whole aerobic system more efficient. winter period is also good for building strength and core as you wont want to be trying to get stronger at the same time as you are trying to get aerobically fit. One thing i do know about is putting in 20 hours a week mid season then trying to up it to 25/30image 

    its just imo that biking can be brought in pretty late into the mix, like gladys says 30 weeks is a long time and if you started biking seriously at 30 weeks you should be fine as long as you can ride a bike and have a bit of confidence.

  • hiya YT, I'm in the same position. signed up for outlaw 2013 so my Fink Programme starts early December.  just trying to get my general fitness up at the moment with shorter distances at zone 2 and concentrate on my swimming which is my weakest area.  at least living in Yorskhire there are lots of hills to practice running/cycling up and down image.

  • as above
    - do fun things to increase your base fitness without it feeling like formal training.
    save your mojo for when you need it

    but being fit at the start of the program is a lot better than being an unfit couch potatoe

    so get yourself some fun sessions to do in the week, and weekend, These can include running / biking etc if thats what you enjoy, but its just fun stuff not 'training'
    Do some gym classes, do some casual rides if the weather is good at the weekends,
    mountain biking is great if thats your bag..... etc etc

    So enter some MTB enduros, half marathons etc and have fun.

  • Thank you for the advice, I will continue doing the zone 2 training without being excessive to keep the training passes in stock from when really needed.

    Although the name is Yorkshire Terrier and I was born & breed there I now live in Crystal Palace and the reference is to our elderly Yorkshire Terrier who is hard of hearing, half blind & incontinent, a good comparison.
  • I'm in a v similar position (almost identical to jammy dodger) - signed up for outlaw 2013 and just improving general fitness doing a bit of each discipline depending on what i fancy on the day - being aware that I want have a nice base to start the plan in Dec but not worrying too much about missing the odd session and the odd naughty snack etc. haha was considering starting base early and repeating etc but having read this it def sounds like having fun and just getting self ready for the 30 weeks of hard work is the way forward.

  • How's your swimming?  Now would be a good time to get a bit of coaching in if you need to improve your technique so you'll get more out of the swim sessions when you start training proper image

  • I'm in a similiar position too. Just signed up for Henley next year but only started the running in about April. I cycle a lot anyway and swim 3 times a week so I'm planning to keep doing what I'm doing until January (whilst hopefully getting the running a bit more sorted) and then I'll think about it properly then. 

    I'm doing a proper marathon at the end of April (Stratford upon Avon) and will do some sportives that I've done in the past and some proper OW swims as and when that's feasible. I'm on the reserve list for Windsor too.

    If anyone thinks I'm doing anything wrong then please, please tell me. I'm very much a novice here!

  • My swimming is poor and currently reading total immersion book then going to do the drills to see how I get on, hopefully ok, has anyone else done the total immersion swimming?

    My running is ok and am currently running zone 2 for up to 2 hours averaging 9 min 40 sec per mile and I ride with Dulwich Paragon at weekends and recently did 100 miles with no ill effect, a couple more 100's on the horizon.

    Swimming will be my main effort but really enjoying the training including the odd early morning runs starting at 5am, the roads in London are so much quieter at that time in a morning.
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