Windsor half marathon this sunday - advice needed for a newbie


This is my first HM and its this sunday at 1pm!  Eeek!

Im pretty exhausted at the moment, but have managed a 10 mile run in 1hour 45 mins.  So Im hoping I can do the full 13.1!

Anyway I was wondering what I should eat/drink the day before and on the day and timing for food on the day of the HM?

Ive also been getting a stitch on most of my long runs which I try to run through and  does go but it slows me down and is uncomfortable.  How do I get rid of a stitch or prevent it happeening?

Finally any tips on what I should be doing these last few days? I'm planning on a 4 mile, 3 mile and 2 mile run this week.




  • Stitches happen for many reasons, there appears to be little hard and fast reason. For some it's having eaten / drunk to close to the run. I find just stopping and sorting out the breathing often helps.

    Food on the day before. Nothing too heavy, make sure that you don't under or over eat, that's all.
    food on the day, breakfast cereal or toast or similar. Mid morning snack. Personally I avoid fruit as it's high fibre and slightly acidic and may be causing your stiches, or may cause you to have one - I don't know. I'd have yoghurt or milkshake.
    Fluids are quite important, however don't knock back copious quantities. From 2 hrs before the race you just want to be sipping water. Foodwise, of course you can have a couple of sweets or a biscuit but you don't want to be eating much at all. You don't have to eat anything. You may not want to as you'll probably be feeling quite nervous.

    Good luck and enjoy.

  • Perfect questions, although I'm afraid I cannot help with the answers as I too am running my first half marathon, mine is in Amsterdam on 21st Oct.

    I did the Great South Run last year, and the biggest piece of advice I kept hold of was, do not do anything different to what you do in training......easier said than done as my nerves kick in.

    My start is also in the afternoon, I am thinking gels might help the energy levels, if anyone can help on which ones that old be good. Thank you.

    Good luck, I'll be following this thread with interest and look forward to hearing how you get on.
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