Fat Burner Side Effects!!

Just started running again after about a year without doing very much. I'm about 8wks in and doing well, losing weight etc. I decided to try a Fat Burning supplement the other day and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I felt "weird" within about 30 mins of taking it, went running and just couldn't do it. Felt sick, dizzy, bloated. I gave up and went home, still didn't feel well for the rest of the day, couldn't run again until the following evening as this junk seems to take forever to get out of my system. I am tempted to bin the lot. Am I using the supplements incorrectly? Not much about side effects written anywhere?



  • I'd bin it. Do it the normal way. Taking drugs just doesn't seem the way forward.
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    I wouldnt take supplements anyway but if they've had that reaction on you - i'd definitely recommend against it.

  • Drugs sold as fat burners used to be simply amphetamines (speed). I'm pretty sure that it's now illegal to sell amphetamines without prescription. Either way, your body has evolved to have perfectly good mechanisms for storing and using energy, and taking medicines to interrupt this seems to be unnecessarily screwing around with a system that works. Just keep up regular exercise and eat a balanced, healthy diet and you'll avoid problems. if you feel you want to lose weight, then this will happen if you maintain a consistent calorie deficit. Fact.

  • I'm pretty certain I haven't broken the law or taken illegal substances. You can pretty much buy this rubbish widely and they can't use anything that's against the law. That doesn't mean that they don't use a load of junk and this lot will be going in the bin. I feel a bit stupid for trying it tbh, I was under the impression that a lot of sports people etc used this sort of thing and it was perfectly normal. Before I started running I didn't really do any sports so I don't really have much background in what people do or, indeed, don't do. Enough said, I was enjoying my training before so I will be going back to the old way and won't be trying any potions etc again. Cheers dears. 

  • you certainly shouldn't feel stupid for trying somethign Gary, but you're probably right that it's junk. I'm glad you're going to bin it.

  • They're probably not complete junk, just a combination of herbal stuff that didn't agree with you. Most over the counter fat burners contain stuff like caffeine, green tea, guarana, bitter orange, capsaicin, grapefruit seed and other stuff that supposedly 'assists and increases fat burning'. What has the most effect out of all these ingredients is the caffeine, which firstly suppresses appetite and secondly elevates metabolic rate. You've probably just had a bad reaction to a high dose of caffeine taken in combination with a bunch of other weird stuff you've never ingested before.

    I'd agree with everyone else that you're best to lose the weight the natural way and not bother with the pills. They're not total junk and used as per the instructions most of them do increase fat loss very very slightly, but why pay the extra for something you don't actually need and can do yourself?

  • Hi Gary,

    If your doing well and loosing weight then why take fat burining suppliments? From experiance in loosing allot of weight and running... Its deffently best dong it natural, especially if you feel side effects.

    The problem with suplements is not just the side effects its when you come off the supplement as your body will get used it. If you have a good diet, good training plan and mental strength to reach your goal then you will get to where you want to be.  

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