Alrewas to London in 10 Days

My lad has just started primary school and as a result am now being encouraged to attend a couple of local meetings in the village to discuss fundraaising ideas.

I have a germ of an idea which involves me running the distance from our Village (Alrewas) to London over a period of 10 days split up into 10 separate runs (1 each day).

The exact mileage from my house to Buckingham palace  = 127.6 miles, so if i round that up to 131 it then equates to running 1 half marathon everday.

Each run would start and finish in the village

The other part of the challenge will be that each HM will have to be done in 1 go

with the overall time being under 20 hours (so sub 2hrs) for each.

Upon completion of each run i would then upload my data from my Garmin onto the net to make it accesable to anyone who may be interested in keeping track of progress


I have run HMs in the past, the most recent being this year in 1HR 32 so the prospect of running under 2hrs doesnt sound dauntig, however, i can imagine that the cumulative effect after 3 or 4 days could start to take its toll.

Id be interested in any feedback on

A, whether it sounds like something that would generate local interest,

B What sort of training plan should i look to undertake between now and next May which is when i would look at doing it.

C. Any tips on organising it (ie generating interest etc before and during the event)


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