Madrid, Rome or any other recommendations for the Spring

A group of friends are looking for an interesting european marathon in the Spring as a good excuse to get away.  So far, Madrid and Rome are looking popular, although I'd probably prefer something a little flatter - Any recommendations?


  • Hi Alli me and a friend are doing Rome in march. If your looking at doing Rome decide quickly as there is a six nations rugby match the same weekend in Rome so cheapish accom is running out fast. But the idea of running in the eternal city is so appealing.
  • What about Copenhagen (19 May) or Stockholm (1 June)? I've signed up for Stockholm next year - not done either race before but both seem to get very good reviews and if like me you don't like running in heat they are a better option than southern Europe. No cobblestones either as in Rome!

  • Does anyone have a list of marathons with their total elevation change? I signed up for Rome because I thought it was pretty flat, but it seems not?
  • I'm doing Barcelona in march, think that's flat more or less
  • Yes Barcelona is a pretty flat.  Comfortable temperature too. City scenic!

    I'd like to do it again - it is a lovely place. 

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