I have been running since April 2012 and go about 3 times a week, I run between 3 and 6 miles each time, I have recently found I am getting what I assume is sciatica when I finish my runs or the next day (never during a run) I found a few links here but most of them describe back issues where as mine is in the top of my right buttock and into my calf, I don't really want to bother my GP so was looking for some advice?

any replies greatly received



  • Hi Lucy I had something similar a while back. Only thing that sorted it was physio I am afraid. He gave me 3 exercises to do and I done them for a month and I was back running. Might be the same thing might not but thats what I had to do and it was because of sciatic nerve in me bum image

  • Thanks for the quick reply, I did wonder if I would need some advice from a physio image  I'm not great at stretching before I run so will try doing a few more general stretches and if It still happens i'll have to get my self booked in image

  • Also look at pirifomis stretches which help to ease pressure on the sciatic nerve where it goes through the hips.  Working on your core strength and good hamstring stretches will also help.

  • Thanks, I'll google it image

  • Have you been to a decent running shop and had your running gait checked? The best bits of advice I have ever received about running was to get this done and get decent trainers.


  • JF50 I think thats essentially what the Physio gave me to do and yes you can find them on youtube etc image

  • Sorry not sure what a running gait is? I've got some ok trainers, nike ones that are for running, but they are nothing posh, I don't think we have any running shops down here I am in Penzance Cornwall. To be honest I'm more of a jogger than a runner (about 10 minute miles or just under) and really don't have a clue about running, I've just been getting out the car running till I can't do no more, lol! I should have a good look at this site I guess and prehaps try and use more tecnique as the runs are getting longer and I am getting sore! image

  • Lucy,

    Look for articles on the site about running gait.

    I suffered terribly with injuries, mainly on my left side.

    The local running shop had a look at my running said I had a slight over pronation and recommended a specific type of shoe.

    Since my injuries have been a lot less frequent.

    Try the shop "At Your Pace" in Helston if its not too far away.

     A good pair of running trainers will cost less than a couple of visits to the physio and may save you money in the long run.

  • Thanks Rod, I will do, I think I may have seen the running gain on a documentry recently


  • Try yoga!

    I used to have the same problem, the pain used to shoot up my thigh deep into my buttock and would reduce me to tears instantly.  The only thing that stopped me taking painkillers every day was yoga.

    But, as it has just started I would definitely get your trainers checked out.

  • Google for "piriformis syndrome". There are some good stretches you can do. The other thing that's useful is: Grab a tennis ball. Lie on your back with your feet flat on the ground, knees pointing up. Put the foot of the "bad" side onto the top of your other thigh, just by the knee. Place the tennis ball under your buttock on the "bad" side and roll it around. When you find the really painfull spot, leave it there and let your body weight push you into it for say 20 seconds - often it suddenly hurts less while you're doing this, as the muscle relaxes. Roll the ball around some more, see if you can find any more painful spots, and repeat. Do this as well as the stretches, not instead.

  • Hi Lucy, your best bet is getting it accessed, sciatica is not a diagnosis but a symptom something isn't right and you want to know how and why the sciatic nerve is irritated, this can be a number of things such as the piriformis, facet joints in the lumbar etc which are reasonably common. Generally you want to find the underlying problem as it may go away for a while then as you do less activity and running it may ease off only to come back again, for some general information on Sciatica  

    Improving the mobility of the spine and hips will be useful with a stretch program for the hamstrings, gluts, piriformis, calfs, and the hip flexors. Initially gentle and progressive and regularly. Yoga can be great for runners and your long term plan however if there is a joint involvement certain movements will irritate it further. Pre and post routine is vital in the short/long term to prepare the body to undertake the training your doing and post training to allow recovery. You may also need to look at your other daily activities/routines to see if there are influences affecting your running such as your posture at work, slouching/sitting in not so good positions for long periods, driving to long or even repetitive actions can create imbalances. hope this helps

  • I'd suggest discussing it with your GP, mine were very good. I had this in 2011 and into this year, still isn't perfect. It was mild to moderate discomfort, I was referred to the local NHS physio who diagnosed facet joint injury. Exercises and some painful stretches by the physio helped it until I got knocked off my cycle. By January this year sleeping, driving the car 45 mins to work never mind running were very uncomfortable. An MRI scan showed up a bulging disc, a epdiural in hospital and lots of excercise have got me back running but I've been told it will probably never totally go away. Can't fault the much maligned NHS over the treatment I had, hopelessly inefficient but they do a good job.

  • Phil_HPhil_H ✭✭✭

    If you have any nerve irritation it will get worse if you keep irritating it.

    And the longer it is irritated, the longer it will take to get better.

    I had a badly prolapsed disc sorted by surgery in 2002 and off-road running is about the only thing that keeps my back strong and supple enough to be able to cope with my day job at a desk - I do 10k & 1/2 marathons.

    So ... see your doctor, get referred to a physio, make sure you get exercises, make sure you do the exercises, especially side-to-side stretches to sort out one-sided stiffness in your spine ...

    and run off-road more as that pounds your ankles/knees/hips/spine less and keeps  you more flexible !

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